Now that I'm no longer nauseous and throwing up 24/7, I was finally able to go to the dentist this morning! Yay! It's Hubs' uncle, so it's not very scary to go there. And my teeth are clean! It actually drove me crazy knowing I was overdue for my 6 month appointment, so I'm feeling a long awaited sense of calm today. Well, that might be mildly overstating my mental wellbeing. I'm feeling, at the very least, a long awaited senes of calm along my gum line. The rest of me is still a little tweaky.



Anonymous said...

At least it is your husbands uncle... I always wonder what the dentist are thinking when they are cleaning and looking at your teeth! Glad you are feeling better for the most part!

6:39 PM
seussgirl said...

yay for clean teeth! We had to drop dental coverage when my husband lost his job, and it's driving me crazy! I'm both looking forward to and am a little nervous about getting a cleaning again once we have insurance again. :)

8:57 PM
Bina said...

I'm just so excited for you and as I've been following your journey for quite some time, I'm ecstatic for your pregnancy!

And what about Hero? How is that big goof doing?

12:05 PM