A mantra to start off your morning

I started off my day sitting in standstill traffic that added 45 minutes to my commute.  Boo.  I had to call into work to have them cancel my first appointment of since I wasn't moving an inch.  It's hard to roll with the punches sometimes, but today I felt oddly calm.  Even though things weren't going my way.  I just sat back, listened to music, and daydreamed a little bit.  It helped that on the morning radio show the hosts were having people call in to recount how they found out they were pregnant and how they shared the news with their partners - those are fun stories to hear.  It also helped that yesterday someone said to me in casual conversation, "I realize that it's out of my circle of influence..." when referring to a potentially stressful situation.
That's my new thing now.  'Out of my circle of influence.'  I like it!  Traffic is 'out of my circle of influence,' hence, no point wasting energy getting upset about it.  :)
Try it out with your morning coffee.  You might like it too.  It's good stuff.



Swishy said...

I love that! And good for you for channeling the calm :)

9:23 AM
Cheryl Lage said...

Love it! Reminiscent of the Alcoholics Anonymous Serenity Prayer...but without having to halt my wine! ;)

Have a blessed new year...and keep your circle of influence well-defined. :)

11:35 AM
Bina said...

I love that! I think I'll print it out and put on my computer monitor where I can see it every day. Thanks for sharing!

9:48 AM