And so it begins

I met my OB yesterday morning and she's fantastic. She's very no-nonsense but in a good way. We talked about potential diagnoses, but her thought (and mine) is to get started on treatment assuming that anovulation is the main, and hopefully only, issue. She offered to run various blood tests but felt it overall unnecessary - she's content to treat and delay further testing unless the first-course therapy doesn't work for us. So... I start Clomid* and we see what happens. I'm glad she and I are on the same page. Namely, the page with ACTION scrawled across the top of it in big, bold letters.

(*I didn't mention the first time around but the Clomid cycles will be monitored cycles, so... lots of ultrasounds in my near future...)

Anyone with thoughts or advice on Clomid (namely, side effects?) please share!

I have no idea what's in store for us. But wherever this road leads I'm glad we're finally stepping off the sidewalk.

In other news, my friend C did some sort of a brief cranial therapy on Hero and now he's lying downstairs in his kennel (of his own volition) completely sedate and alarmingly calm. C's a licensed occupational therapist so I'm pretty sure Hero's not in a coma, but I've gotta say it gives me the willies. I should be thankful for the peace and quiet, but I'm a bit freaked out by the fact that my dog seems to have been body-snatched.

She wants to do something similar for Hubs, who has some serious problems staying asleep for more than an hour or two a night. For some reason I find the thought of her massaging his head a little funny. Although I'd like a head massage... maybe I should feign a sleep disorder.

I hate to jump around so much from topic to topic, but does anyone have any good, simple recipe blogs or sites they could point me in the direction of?

In another leap, my whole house is so organized now it's FANTASTIC! I've been desperately needing this. I have files for everything. I even have a coupon organizer and that alone gives me a major sense of well being. It's great to get up in the morning knowing that everything is where it should be (even if everything's not as it should be).

I'd better go check on Hero. This is very odd. I haven't heard a peep from the little fur nug.



Bina said...

I saw a show one time where a lady gave this agressive dog a thorough massage and it was amazing the difference it made in that dog. She had said that sometimes, in agressive dogs, their muscles get so tense they couldn't relax if they wanted to. Is what your friend did?

I have no idea what clomid is, but I sure it works for you.

I use They have a great recipes and they are easy, too! You can even create your own recipe box on line, and it will give you a print out of the ingredients you need to make something.

1:52 PM
Anonymous said...

Seriously, so excited for your PLAN! EEE!!! Are they going to monitor you or just do the Clomid and see what happens?

Weird about Hero, but maybe this is progress? Or maybe he's eating your favorite shoes? ;o)

I agree with Bina - is AMAZING. I use it at least every other day. And if there's specific recipes you're looking for, put them on your blog - I've gotten some GREAT recipes from fellow bloggers that way.

Happy for you! xo

1:57 PM
Cat said...

good luck to you on the clomid! now if she could just massage your head and make you ovulate...

2:14 PM
Mel said...

Honest? You aren't going to want to hear this part of my comment... I HATE CLOMID. It made me a crazy bitch, gave me hot flashes and monster migraines and generally made me want to stick a knife in someone's head (or my own head for that matter). The bad side effects only lasted for about 10 days around the time I took the stuff, but they were undeniably bad while they lasted.
Now. To the good part of my comment. I got pregnant on a cycle that included clomid, so, there's that. Can't argue with results like that, huh?
Hope that it works for you and the fact that she's offering to monitor it for you is frickin' fabulous. Makes all the difference in the world... you may ask if she would consider giving you a trigger shot once you get a follicle of appropriate size. My biggest problem with the first few times I took clomid alone is that I would get a follicle, but it would never release. Just a thought, your situation and diagnosis is different from mine, so you might not even have that issue anyways.

You'd think I was the damn clomid queen with the length of this comment. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, though. Good luck!

4:52 PM
Tine Tine said...

I did Clomid and had no side effects other than it making my cycle a week longer than it normally was. Unfortunately for us we now think it's male factor infertility so the Clomid didn't help us but I know some who it worked wonders on! Good luck to you - my thoughts are with you guys!

5:31 PM
Fertilized said...

YAH for a PLAN!!!!! How freakin awesome. ANd with a dr that sounds like a dream. Monitored cycles of clomid arr so hard to come by!! Freakin fantastic.

Clomid - can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. For you, I am hoping best friend.

For me it involved lots of raging mood swings, hot flashes, headaches like crazy, irrational cries. But I was on a pretty high dose.

BUT the plus side - it WORKS for many!

I am so excited for you.

7:25 PM
Fertilized said...

Out of curiousity, Has your hubster done a sperm Analysis. Just something you may want to think about clomid and lots of monitoring.

7:27 PM
Crys :D said...

ohh.. i ..uh. i don't have any any comments on the fertility issue... but here are some websites i frequent for recipes:

- (everything can be MADE simple, just don't follow, or check out her Everydayfood section)
- (20 minute dinners section)
- kraft kitchens (name three ingredients you have, get recipe)
- pioneer woman (her link is on my blog) (the mac and cheese she just posted sounds absolutely amazing)

good luck. :)

8:39 PM
Laura said...

I am glad you and your OB are starting a plan that you can feel good about! That is awesome. Congratulations on getting your house organized! That is always such a good feeling.

8:41 PM
Bob said... recipes and a cool blog

12:28 AM
Bob said...

...OOPS!'s i forgot the 'THE' in the site's name

12:30 AM
DeeMarie said...

So glad to hear you found a Doctor who's ready to take action!!
And I hope Hero's back to his old self soon! Well, maybe not his old self, but...

8:31 AM
Jenny said...

Ah Clomid.. my old friend.. The good news.. Clomid works! I'm currently pregnant (almost 10 weeks).

The bad news... the side effects can be harsh. Be prepared for them. For me, because I have a very mild case of MS / optic neuritis, it triggered eye flashes and stuff... probably won't happen for you, it just irritated an already existing condition. The mood swings are a bitch.. Have the hubs be prepared. It can (and did in my case) cause a problem with your cervical mucus, causing it to thicken. This prevents the sperm from reaching the eggs. In my case, we realized this my first round. The second round we did IUI with the clomid - worked like a charm. I'm sure they will monitor you with this, but push for IUI if it doesn't seem like it's working. Be prepared for lots of transvaginal ultrasounds and bloodwork. It's a long frustrating road but worth it.. e mail me if you have any questions or just want to vent...

Good luck!!!

3:56 PM
just jamie said...

You know, I used Clomid for 3 cycles. I just read through your comments about some of the yucky hormonal things that Clomid did. Funny thing for me is, either I totally don't remember that, or it didn't happen to me. I don't remember having any trouble with it. But I also don't remember if I was on Clomid when we conceived through IUI. I think I was.

A lot of help I am, huh? Point is, good luck. Hopefully your pregnancy brain will leave you as goofy as me. Got that to look forward to, right?

6:20 PM
Swishy said...

I have a couple of friends who were on Clomid ... one couldn't handle the mood swings, went off, went back on again and got pregnant, another was on it, it didn't work, went off it for a break and then magically (after YEARS of trying) she got pregnant a little while later. Good news is they both got pregnant! Yay for a plan!

(And I want some recipe blog suggestions too!)

9:50 AM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I use and post recipes on

I also frequent the pioneer woman blog.

the new food magazine (by food network) is really amazing. I take that too.

Your dr. sounds lovely! Good luck with this and keep us posted.

11:11 AM
momofonefornow said...

My one clomid tip is take it before bed. When I did it at night I usually slept through the worst of the emotional stuff (as opposed to taking it in the daytime which made me psycho.)

11:45 PM