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Something interesting I discovered last night is that Hubs and I differ in (among so many other things) one philosophy: what to do when you've gotten a cut (or in my case, a bite) that's left skin hanging off of it. Do you:

a: Remove the skin flap because, hello! That's soon-to-be-dead skin! If anything's going to cause infection, dead skin hanging (and rotting and festering) around your broken flesh is a likely culprit...

b. Leave the skin flap there. Presumably to "protect" said wound.

Now, I don't want to give away the right answer... :)

But seriously folks. I believe there's only one right answer here. I know it's painful and pretty nauseating to pull skin off a fresh, bleeding cut, but I think it's gotta be done. Hubs on the other hand thinks it's a fool's move.

What do you think?

I feel certain that one's take on this speaks volumes about him or her as a person.



Debbi said...

on the nail (hangnail?) Take off immediately.

On the body (larger abrasion) leave on until said scab appears, THEN skin flap should be removed.

6:25 PM
calicobebop said...

Dude - that's what nail-clippers were made for. Unless, of course, the injury is to such an extent that the skin might be necessary for surgery? But, I'm sure that rarely happens.

Sorry about the bite - that sucks! I hope it feels better soon!

7:08 PM
Cheryl Lage said...

Is "put a bandaid on it to try and delay the inevitable" an option? ;)

7:34 PM
Anonymous said...

I say option A, depending on the size of said hanging flesh. Although the talk of all this is making me queasy. But if it's a big flap (like the time I cut my finger with a pair of scissors) and needs to be stiched back on. yuck. :)

7:36 PM
Laura said...

That is awful! I am so sorry you are having to even question what to do with a big hanging skin flap. But as much as it sucks, in general you are supposed to clean everything thoroughly and leave the skin there to fall off on its own. Ew, I know. But I am pretty sure thats what you are supposed to do.

8:01 PM
steenky bee said...

I once sliced the pad of my finger on a meat slicer. I kept that flap on. I think it depends on the size of the flap. (That's advice that can be used on many levels)

8:20 PM
Scotty said...

I feel certain that one's take on this speaks volumes about him or her as a person.

If its a good sized cut, I leave the flap on, clean it, toss some neosporin on it, then a band-aid :)

8:32 PM
Bob said...

I'm going to state my case before reading any of the other comments.
---Cut off the hanging piece of skin (if it's hanging, there should be no pain as any nerves supplying that skin will have been cut already) with fingernail clippers, scissors or other utensil, apply antibacterial ointment and cover with a bandage.

9:24 PM
Bob said...

Okay...I digress, it DOES depend on the size of the flap of skin and how deep the cut goes...enough said.

9:27 PM
America's 1st Sgt. said...

Bah! Rip the offending strip of hanging flesh off with your teeth. If it was worthy of remaining to begin with it would have tried harder to stay part of your body.

10:41 PM
michelle said...

Run the scissors under some peroxide/rubbing alchohol and cut the skin off if it needs to be. Otherwise, slather in neosporin and cover with a bandaid onvernight. In the morning, the "flap" {Eeeewwww} will have softened and died and will come off witih the bandage.

For real. Done both.

But so take the flap off if it is little. If you are going to the ER, leave it on. Grafting and all that.

9:57 AM
shopgirl said...

Oiy vey - when did you go all "ER" or "Greys Anatomy" on us?? Haha!! Sorry, I'm of no use here, because, honestly? I'm a little queasy right now - hope it heals FAST.

Oh - and please tell us that it's not a bite from Hero!! (maybe I missed that part)

Good luck...

3:40 PM
Bina said...

Not really enough info, but I will assume the bite is maybe from a dog? And if so, it's probably bigger....

Okay, to make a long answer short. If the bite or hanging flap of skin requires a trip the ER or doctor, I wouldn't touch it. If it was like scrape, and it's just the first few layers of skin, then oh yea, I would cut that stuff off, just like you do a blister, clean it and then bandage it. Neosporene is amust, though.

5:51 PM
Anndi said...

Like so many other things in life, it really does depend on the size....

7:05 AM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I would take it off--unless it was like a seriously large area of skin, then I would keep it on. Otherwise if its a small cut it just HURTS to have the skin hanging there. Not to mention its pretty icky! ;)

8:15 AM
Crys :D said...


rip it off. sorry. SNIP it off. then cover that bad boy with a bandaid. follow with kisses.

10:56 AM
Vanessa said...

I think as long as the skin flap has good blood supply, leave it and use super glue to close the wound. If it's obvious the blood supply has been compromised, sterilize tiny scissors (like for trimming cuticles or nose hair) and trim away the skin flap. I know that's not really giving one answer or the other, but proper treatment depends on the circumstance.

1:18 PM
Cat said...

no question - it's gotta come off

5:33 PM