I think I've mentioned our neighbor kids before - S (6) and J (9) live next door and luuuuuuurve to play with Hero. They come over daily, ring our doorbell about nine million times, and smile big gap-tooth grins that are impossible to resist.

Yesterday, they brought this note over to Hubs. Turns out, there was an unidentifiable rusty white Mustang parked across the street. A bald guy (sources say) with a computer and a cell phone sat in the car and watched our house intently for several minutes. S and J thought this odd, so they snuck up behind the car to write down the license (otherwise known as "lisnis") plate number. This citizen police investigation, they reported, resulted in the suspect promptly leaving the premises.

Hubs and I aren't too worried about the strange voyeur, seeing as we 1) aren't in any legal trouble 2) don't owe anyone money and 3) aren't in the mob.

My favorite part about all this is the detailed case file, pictured above.



Cheryl Lage said...

Oh this is PRICELESS! I think you all have a very high-functioning Junior Neighborhood Watch program in development!

10:41 AM
Cat said...

that is hilarious, you've got some amateur sleuths on your block!

10:42 AM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

What precious kiddos they are!
They are absolutely priceless!

Thanks for the comment on the new look of the blog. I just did that last week! And I did it all by myself!

11:08 AM
Anonymous said...

lol, that's awesome!

We had people walking up and down our block last week and j finally asked what they were doing. Turns out they were recording info for the census next year. Or maybe they're good liars. :)

11:22 AM
Anonymous said...

Ha ha - glad they have your backs!! Maybe it was a home appraiser? They often "spy" on other homes if there is one for sale in the neighborhood that needs a price!

11:35 AM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

That is fabulous! Can they come here and keep an eye on my house? :P ((HUGS))

1:03 PM
Fertilized said...

Future Detectives! How funny is that

2:18 PM
'Murgdan' said...

Ahahahhaha...that is awesome.

3:52 PM
Kahla said...

That is too funny! Pretty cute they are watching out for ya'll!

5:24 PM
Caroline said...

What a cute little story.

Thanks for commenting on my blog - it's great to "meet you."

I took clomid for a few months last year. I didn't experience many side effects and it did make me ovulate nicely. Unfortunately I didn't get my BFP, but I hope that you do.

I'll be following your blog - it's so stylish!

6:00 AM
Bina said...

They are so cute! That is awesome. I LOVE it. You should give it to their mom in case she keeps a scrap book or something.

Also, he could have been scouting for some free wireless.

6:35 PM
Parenthood For Me said...

that is awesome. Nice to see you have a Neighborhood Watch

8:20 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Too cute!

7:50 AM
Laura said...

Awe that is so cute! Its nice to have someone lookin out for your house and keeping a watch over things!

7:44 AM
Clio said...

I loooove this story, of the little detectives in your street!
sorry to be commenting on an old post. I'm just taking a look around your blog, by the way, it's gorgeous!
thanks for commenting on mine. :)

1:06 PM