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After months of out-of-character piles of paperwork floating aimlessly around our household, I *finally* got our important documents organized and filed away. No more scrambling when we need to find the title for our cars or our most recent medical records. THANK GOD! I was starting to have trouble recognizing myself in the mirror. I guess it's good to relax my perfectionistic standards once in a while, but I was beginning to have an identity crisis.

That being said, I had a chance to go through all of Hero's paperwork (he has his own file box all to himself - a whole box!) and tally up just how much our little angel is worth, once you get out the calculator. We adopted him the very end of September, so we've had him for six months. Including vet bills, supplies, and the emergency animal behaviorist we had to employ we've spent $2300.

Are you gasping? Are you almost turning blue in the face from lack of oxygen? I was so shocked I practically fell off of my chair. Are you still in your chair?

Thank goodness the little scamper wasn't in the room. Although had he been, I think I would have looked at him in wonder and amazement more than anything else.

He was an absolute sweetheart all weekend though, and Hubs and I are cautiously optimistic that we're finding a way to leave peacefully alongside our furry companion. Considering we're into it for over 2 G's, that's a really welcomed change of tide.



Debbi said...

That's one expensive pooch! scary. Another good reason I shouldn't get a pet!

7:26 AM
michelle said...

2 boxers, adopted through rescue for under $100 each.

All that they have destroyed, vet bills training, mass quantities of food for 150 pounds of high energy dog over the course of 2 years...... I say your $2000 is still kids play at this point.

Things my dogs have eaten:
Ugg boots
Hubs leather coat
no less thatn THREE kids winter coats
17 webkin stuffed animals (some not replaceable)
school projects
cashmere scarf
mass quantities of our food from kitchen counters
More food when learned to open kitchen panrty door
2 dozen donuts from fancy bakery left on counter
gallon jug of olive oil
case of toilet paper
more shoes
even more shoes
more toys
even more toys
more shoes (always just one!)

We are down to minimal destruction now. Massive amounts of excercise, lots of bones.

The sight of my huge beasts curled up with my kids in bed at night.... Priceless.

8:18 AM
~Jess said...

It's amazing how it all adds up, especially when you have emergency visits and vet bills.

Hopefully Hero is on the up and up :-)

8:33 AM
Fertilized said...

I am glad Hero was showing you some appreciation this weekend

9:50 AM
Mel said...

UGH... amazing how pets can cost so much!

2:36 PM
Bina said...

Holy Cow! all that in six months? Good Lord. Think of how big a flat screen you can get for THAT!!! And, it doesn't bit. LOL

3:01 PM
Laura said...

Wow! Thats alot of moolah... I am glad he was behaving better this weekend. Hopefully you guys have figured something out and it will only get better and better... my fingers are crossed!

9:16 PM
Bob said...

I think it's time Hero gets a job to pay for his room and board.

10:09 PM
Crys :D said...
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8:37 AM
Anonymous said...

Glad things are looking up on the Hero front! Perhaps he's realized the error of his previous ways . . .

Maybe he reads your blog? lol

9:42 AM