Southern exposure

Turns out our pretty little girl dog? Has a bad case of PTSD from the vet's groomers. Seriously. For one thing, they shaved his ass, and this is apparently ├╝ber traumatic for the small friend. Seriously. He runs around from one place in the house to another with his tail tucked under, as fast as he can, and then when he reaches his destination he throws his ass to the ground like it's on fire so that no one or nothing can touch it. It'd be funny, if he weren't so bummed (hahahaha, get it - bummed?).

I think he's genuinely upset about losing all his fur. We hypothesize that he feels more vulerable now. Who can blame him, really - did you have any idea he was so scrawny? Me neither! Since last night, most of his time is spent curled in a little ball snuggled up against either Hubs or me. He won't even chew on a rawhide! He usually never gets them because of the resource guarding (he'll take your hand off if you come near him while a rawhide's in his mitts) so they're a hot commodity. You know it's bad when a rawhide won't bring him around.

On the plus side, I always wanted a Whippet and now Hero vaguely resembles one... we discovered he's quite lean and leggy once you kill the overcoat.

Bottom line (get it, bottom!?): Hero's tradition of unfortunate grooming episodes continues (if you had any remaining doubt after viewing yesterday's photo).

The kicker? The vet charged us $15 extra because she needed "reinforcements" during Hero's session. Our dog is so naughty we get billed for his lack of compliance! I'm guessing there's a wide berth given for bad behavior before it starts impacting your total, so he really must have been a handful.

Then again, you saw the bows. A case could be made that aggression was justified.



Erin said...

I've been charged extra for my darling little diva. These days, nine years later her groomer just says "She's a Lhasa," as if that should just explain that my dog is the devil incarnate while being groomed. This makes me feel a little better, as if it's definitely her breed not my raising of her.

Poor Hero is probably feeling a little drafty without all that hair. Poor little guy! It's like having your skirt blown up in a wind storm!

9:44 PM
Fertilized said...

Hero would like to bill them I am SURE of it! I mean Bows .... Poor Lil guy

10:31 PM
DeeMarie said...

Poor Hero!! I'm thinking this is as bad as it should get with the grooming. He has to have bottomed out by now!! (Bottomed!!)
Hope he's back to almost his old self in no time. Maybe some of the aggression will remain hidden!

7:40 AM
Laura said...

Maybe this will even put him in his place a little bit... show him he is not the boss after all. You gotta feel sorry for the little guy though... bows!

8:00 AM
Kate said...

If someone shaved my bum I'd get naughty too.

So they charged you $15 for him getting naughty..

but, they owe you $150 or psychological damage.

9:28 AM
Bina said...

Poor Hero! Maybe he's embarrassed. You know, he is more naked now and you can see his butt! LOL

But really, didn't I tell you he would mad for a few days??? I had a dog that used to be like that, too. Weired, but true.

10:25 AM
Bob said...

What does PTSD stand for??

9:25 PM
Crys :D said...


there ought to be standards for groomers. My girlfriend just brought her GERMAN SHEPHARD to a bad groomer and the doggy came back shaved down and fluffed up like a poodle. A giant 70 pound poodle. lol.

10:40 PM
Monica said...

I definitely have to agree with Kate and the psychological damage. Dogs can be very sensitive as evidenced by him not chewing on the rawhide.

2:15 AM
~Virginia~ said...

i think all dogs have some odd fear of the vet/groomer. my mom's dog starts trembling when we turn onto the street where the vet's office is! hope your pooch recovers soon! :)

9:30 AM