Fate? Sealed

So on morning radio I heard about the theft of a local resident's wheelchair. That's right, wheelchair. What kind of person would steal a wheelchair? Why would someone do that? Talk about hammering the last nail in your coffin. Redemption wouldn't touch that perp with a ten foot pole.



Boo7 said...

LOL I couldn't agree more...what kind of a dumbass numbnuts would steal someone's wheelchair....that's just bizarre.....how low can a lowlife go??!!!!! (hhhmmmmmm I hear a song or a joke in there somewhere!)

Why don't you get a dog in your life??? Molly is about 4 years old....we got her when she was 2...one of those the planets aligned right and the god's were smiling kinds of acquisitions!! I wanted a female dog and not a puppy and if possible a golden retriever cuz we grew up with them.....I looked on the internet and lo and behold there was Molly!!

Maggie is about 2 and also came to us via the internet...I had wanted a little dog to go with the big dog as I love that combo....we have only just had her about 3 weeks now!!! The two dogs get along really well which is great.....we also have 2 cats who are used to Molly and pretty much ignore her and vice-versa....but Maggie is their size and all she wants to do is play with them.....and if you know cats you can just imagine how thrilled they are with that notion........NOT!!! You should see some of the looks they give Maggie....priceless....and Maggie just being a goofy lil dog just keeps trying to engage them in a round of chase....which of course they are just far too refined for LOL!!!

7:14 PM