Who made you king of the buttons?

Last night after I finished up at the gym, I bought a smoothie and then headed for the elevators. I got in with about four other people. A guy was in the corner blocking the buttons, leaning against the wall and eyeing everyone who stepped inside. After a minute, as we started to descend, he said "Are we all going to the basement level? That's a first." I came out of my smoothie-induced brain freeze fog. "Shit, no, I'm going to the lobby - sorry." He looked over at me. "You should pay more attention little lady. Normally I don't even ask - I was being nice. It must be your lucky day." Now, I don't know why people keep saying that to me when circumstances clearly dictate that it is, in fact, not my lucky day. Stuck in the elevator with passive-aggressive button guy? Not. Lucky.




Crys :D said...

It's funny how some people think they're being nice but they're actually being obnoxious. I wonder how that happens. This guy was probably a smartass in his every day life. He thought he was being clever and engaging. Oh God. I hate those types.

1:00 PM