Our matriarch's moxie

After World War II my Grandfather, an airforce gunman, was stationed in Germany. My Grandma and Mookie went with him. (That's how my parents met.) After a few months of living overseas, Grandma decided she wanted a driver's license. But she couldn't get one. Because she couldn't pass the test. The written test. The practical test. Any test. So she went to the Kraftfahrzeugamt and demanded they issue her a driver's license despite all the extenuating circumstances (like the hazard she might have posed to the general safety of the roadways). Her rationale for making such a demand?

We won the war.

I knew I inherited my sense of entitlement from someone. My Grandma had some serious spunk. And that was the 50s. So really, what constitutes serious spunk now translates to ├╝berspunk back then, when women weren't supposed to question anything, much less a foreign government.