I just got done flipping through the newest People mag. Leather and/or suede ankle boots and shorts? Famous ladies, please stop. I backed you with the Uggs thing. But somewhere there's a line.



Kel said...

well, you were the one who backed the Ugg thing, now you have gone and done it - you give an inch . . .


4:08 PM
Boo7 said...

LOL another People reader!!! And one who admits to it too...woohooo .....sometimes I am afraid to admit it so I admire you lol!!!

I just bought the one with the cover of Before they were Stars or something along those lines and have not made my way through it yet....sounds like you are on to the next one already.

Thanks for the mention of my other blog....I had forgotten all about it and just headed over there and added a new post....I have oooooooooooooodles of stuff like that to post.

7:51 PM
Trish said...

Hi Elle...
I am back and hooo boy I've got some catching up to do! Thanks for stopping by my blog while I was away.


7:17 PM