In bed

This is BF's really busy time at work. The next three weeks. It's a difficult time in our relationship, because I don't see much of him. But this year it's been harder than ever. Probably because I'm all out of goodbyes, so even a temporary one feels like more than I can handle. Needless to say, things between us have been strained.

This weekend was just what we needed. J was out of town, and we spent the entire weekend nesting. Going for walks, watching dvds, cooking, napping. My favorite part was at the end of the night when BF would fall asleep, and I would cuddle up next to him with my latest novel and my booklight. I love knowing he's there, but I also love the me time which delving into a good book always promises. It's the best of both worlds. When I finally decide to go to sleep I chuck the book and the booklight beside me on the comforter and spoon behind BF, nuzzling into his warm back and draping my arms across his chest. Those perfect nights sustain me during the week to come, when I sleep alone again. Well, with my book. But without my BF. Call me greedy, but I prefer to have both.



Kel said...

sigh, my DH travels so I completely relate to this post

9:13 PM
SongBird said...

You deserve both. No greediness involved.

9:56 PM
Trish said...


Sounds like a weekend well spent.

As usual your writing has set the scene beautifully. I want to close up the shop and run home to snuggle with my man ;-)

10:45 AM