Only you can prevent it

Last night our latest Netflix movie, Failure to Launch, caught on fire!!!!!! Well, okay, the dvd didn't catch on fire, but the envelope went up in flames! BF has cat-like reflexes, he really does. He was out of bed like a shot. I've noticed his reflexes at other times when potential danger is involved. That guy can hustle.

Luckily (although BF might not agree with my feelings about how fortunate we are) the movie is still okay and watchable! Yay, SJP! Yay, chick flick!

Women are so durable.



Deanna said...

Are those envelopes made by Dell?

11:56 AM
Babblecat said...

Yikes! I have three Netflix DVDs now--should I be worried about leaving my pets alone in the house with them?

This makes me scared.

Love your blog!


2:27 PM
SongBird said...

So is it a good movie? I haven't seen it yet.

8:31 PM