Back to school

Today I went to help my MIL set up her Spanish classroom at the private Catholic school where she teaches. It was weird being back in a school - not a college, not even a high school, a little kid school! - and I even got to each lunch in the teachers lounge! First time I've ever been allowed in the teachers lounge!

Throughout the school, I couldn't help thinking everything WAS JUST SO DANG CUTE! My heart was melting and my baby lust was fully recognized. My MIL even gave me some cute smiley face and heart stickers to take home (to do what with I don't know, but I just thought they were, you guessed it, SO DANG CUTE!).

My niece Natalie started kindergarten yesterday and it went very well! She didn't cry at all. Only one kid cried, and that poor lil' dude's branded a wussy for the rest of the year, if not the rest of his life. Natalie couldn't remember most of her new classmates' names, but she remembered her preschool friend's name, and O's. Who's O?, my sis asked her. The Kid Who Cried.

Anyway, today was a fun day. I got back to school fever. This is the first time in my adult life that I haven't a) been going to school or b) been working at a school. So back to school is happening around me, but without me. It's ODD. I'm no longer responsible for anyone. I no longer have to watch what I say and do in order to be a good role model. I can actually drink in public. Okay, since we're ttc I shouldn't actually drink in public, or anywhere else for that matter, but you get the idea.

My MIL and I have been spending more and more time together, and we get along quite well! When we were wedding planning in Boston, she and I banged heads several times, and even when we'd decided to move out here I was worried. But now it's like I get to see all the positive sides of my MIL, and so I can understand what's behind her actions when she's a bit... involved in our lives. Developing a positive relationship with her has been possibly the most pleasant surprise since we've arrived in Minnesota.

On a negative note: no word on the job since they started calling my references Friday. What does this mean? Who the hell knows. I'm tired of guessing.

I'm debating going to a pilates class tonight. The doc did say no working out, but I can walk and do yoga. Is pilates yoga-ish enough that it's the same thing? If not, there's an actual yoga class tomorrow.



Kelli said...

I'd say pilates is yoga-ish for sure. No cardio, just toning so why not? :)

Extermination went well. Bug man said "you will notice a "flow" of bugs for the first few days as the stuff works. Well, this is a new house and there have been no bug sitings/casualties since the guy was here a week ago so I'm guessing the two intruders I saw were just random visitors. At any rate, I signed up for the monthly spray/scorpion powder treatment thing so as to avoid any further run-ins with anything creepy. This is one time I don't mine erring on the side of caution.

Seattle is amazing. I wish I'd had more than one day and I plan on returning for a long weekend maybe in the spring. It's just the right amount of green/water/city/seafood. What's not to love?

I'll keep my fingers, eyes, and legs crossed for your pending job. It seems companies take f o r e v e r to get back to prospective employees. I hope all turns out well. Until you hear anything, enjoy your time off!!! :)

9:00 PM
Swishy said...

You can totally do pilates. And they'll call and offer you a job, just you wait!

9:44 PM