Whazzup in the garden

Some developments in the world of gardening, both good and bad.

To start with indoor, the Elephant Ear is coming along nicely! It's grown some new ears, and has some baby ears! It has the tiniest baby ears growing, but they're so small whenever I tried to get a picture they came out blurry. So here's regular and baby ears, and just imagine the tiniest baby ears being the size of a Tic Tac.

Outside, we have three of these Lanai Peach Verbena. Two were almost dead when I planted them. And look at them now - this was one of the near dead ones, come fully back to blooming life! All three are doing better and better each day.

This guy, I don't even know what it is - I must have thrown away the label. And I'd given up hope that it would flower. But then I peeked at the garden yesterday and it had one pretty white flower! And today, two! If anyone can identify it, that'd be helpful.

These Supertunias are part of the not-so-good news. The one near the bottom of the picture is ailing, perhaps beyond repair. I just moved it next to the other one today. It was in the corner of the garden patch that gets the least amount of sun, behind a Hydrangea. The Hydrangea blocks out what little light it would have gotten. I gave it a few days to see if it could pick itself up and adjust to the shady spot, but no luck. So here's hopefully what will end up being a before photo. So far, the Supertunias have grown great and been really hardy. I hope this one can do an end-of-summer turn around, but I'm not sure the odds. If it were earlier in the season I'd say definitely, but I'm just not certain. We'll see!

This Russian Sage was alive but never thriving before I moved it into the perrenial garden plot. Now it's pretty well dead.

But, I found this today, so I'm not giving up hope completely! It could be a weed, but I think it's part of the plant.

Here's the other one, so this is what a healthy Russian Sage looks like. They're in the same plot, very near each other, so I'm not sure why the transplant worked for one and has nearly done in the other. (Sorry for the blurriness, could not get a clear picture of the thriving one...)

Here is some more of the good news now. This Autumn Joy is finally looking joyful! It looked almost like a light green head of broccoli for ages, but it's supposed to turn a beautful pinkish-red in the fall.

And here's the Pink Diamond Hydrangea, finally turning... PINK! Slightly. Slowly. But hey, I'll take it!



Happy Not-So-Newlywed said...

Wow! You have quite the green thumb! After three seasons of planting in our garden, then killing the plants, then pulling out the dying plants and starting over- I finally had our front yard professionally landscaped! Soooo much better now! The backyard is all me, though, and it isn't looking too too bad. My problem is that I don't have the patience a garden takes, but I'm working on my patience these days!

Have a great weekend!

8:41 PM
Swishy said...

I am impressed! I am just happy I can keep my four houseplants alive :)

8:32 PM