Shut down, breathe, reboot

I had a small breakdown this week, not hearing boo about the job I interviewed for and not seeing Hubs at all. On top of that, my hormones are a mess and it's playing with my head.

But yesterday morning Pow called to tell me she'd just gotten a reference call for me. So, I guess I'm still in the running for that job. Although the woman who called Pow did share with her that they'd had a ton of very impressive applicants, so I'm not sure if I'm the only person they're calling for background on. Regardless, I'm feeling much better about things. I applied for three more jobs on Friday, since nothing is near certain and I want to keep all my options open.

Hubs came home last night, so I got to spend some time with him, although not much. And he left a few hours ago - he'll be staying on campus again tonight. And although he'll be home Sunday, it won't be until late, and he works late Monday night as well. But I got what I needed - some quality time. It'll hold me over.

To cap it off, today is a GORGEOUS day. Bright, clear, sunny, with a cool breeze. It's been muggy all week so we've had the ac on, but today we opened up the house and the window treatments are blowing in the gentle breeze. It's lovely.

I still haven't made up my mind about the puppy thing yet. The woman with the Whippet puppies hasn't emailed me back, so maybe she sold them all. Perhaps it's a sign.

I finished my sad book and am onto another one, this one less sad. I've read 14 books in the 8 weeks we've been here, if you don't count the gardening or ttc books I've leafed through.

AND, we finally have the right kind of bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. For the past two months we've been getting bread made by the monks on Hubs' campus, which is more rye-like in texture (but so good!). It's perfect for ham and salami sandwiches, but doesn't work for peanut butter. This morning we just got plain wheat bread, and now I'm filling my battle worn tummy (the stress of job stuff this week did a number on it) with soft bread and sticky, gooey peanut butter. Finally, something I actually want to eat. Anxiety murders my appetite, which is not helpful.

Did I mention we're throwing Hubs' parents a 40th wedding anniversary party this month? They're in Mexico right now, and this morning we drove to their house to leave them some beautiful peach roses and a card to welcome them home. I've been watering my MIL's garden all week, which has actually been relaxing and fun. I sit back there, prop my feet on the wooden railroad ties that are stacked up like a wall, and read - it's a beautiful garden and their house borders a wooded area, so it's cool, quiet, and smells just a little bit like you're not in the suburbs. Which, of course, you still are. But I have a pretty decent imagination, and it feels like an escape.



Crys :D said...

1. Good thoughts to you-- I hope you find a good job opportunity!

2. Do you want to cry? Have you read the Kite Runner?

3. Peach roses are my favourite.

3:23 PM