Like a pendulum

At least this time on the upswing I get to go shopping.

So I have a job interview next week! At which I have to give a presentation. Fun times. Actually, I'm not a bad presenter so that's fine with me. And, YAY, let's not overlook the fact that finally someone wants to talk to me! Who cares if they ask me to juggle? As long as I get an invite to interview I'm down with whatever.

This does not draw much attention away from the carpet, however. It's been in a drying stage for two days now, and I *think* it looks better but it's really hard to tell. It looks great from one angle, not quite right from another. I'm hoping it just needs to finish drying completely. It's still absolutely driving me nuts. Crys, I got some kind of Oxy Deep carpet cleaner made by Woolite, not sure if that's in any way related to the Oxy Clean stuff you mentioned? I'm hoping I won't have to try them all, but I appreciate the suggestions from everyone. I'm definitely going to let the carpet dry 200% this time before I touch it again. I have a creeping suspicion that I just keep making things worse by being so impatient.

This weekend P asked us to come help again with cleaning his house to get it market-ready. Which I'm happy to do, but I also went over there this past Wednesday and I'm feeling a little cleaned out, ya know? Especially since I have to worry about our own house too. And now I need to shop for a summer suit (well okay, need being loosely defined here). Plus, Hubs and I haven't had a weekend to ourselves to relax in ages - I miss spending time with him that doesn't revolve around some kind of chore. There hasn't even been time to catch the new Batman movie!

Anyway, all in all things are looking a little better. The Batman movie would be icing on the cake. But I do like icing... :)