Big house, little me

No word yet on the job I interviewed for twice last week. Waiting... nice and patient. This is me, being nice and patient as I wait.

I'm trying to keep myself busy by continuing to apply for other jobs, but I'm really hoping the end of my job search will come in the form of a happy phone call sometime in the next day. I guess we'll see. I'm also keeping busy with gardening. Or potting, really, since I pulled the Elephant Ear out of the garden and am trying to revive it in a giant red ceramic planter. So far, not so good.

Because I don't have a baby yet and have become way too invested in my leafy friends, we've (read: I've) reopened the puppy discussion. I may go see some Whippet puppies sometime this week. Just to look. Take a peek. See what's out there. It'll be a challenge to come home empty handed... but I'm trying to remember the horror that, at times, was Hero. It's hard to remember now, because I'm in need of something to care for. Anything will do, but something with a pulse would be better than something that photosynthesizes.

Hubs is away at work right now - he's so busy with training the next two days that he's sleeping up at an apartment on campus. Not that he was home a lot before that anyway - for the past three weeks or so he typically came home at around 9pm, was in bed by 10pm, and went back to work by 7am. Things should return to normal in another few weeks. But for now, I feel rather... single. Not single as in footloose and fancy free, but single as in just me. I've returned to eating Lean Cuisine frozen dinner or picking at random snacks throughout the evening and calling it a well balanced meal. I read nonstop, walk around with face masks on, and take a lot of baths. I talk on the phone. I shower right before bed and get the sheets and pillowcases all wet with my dripping hair. It would be good times, if I didn't miss Hubs. I'm trying to enjoy it for what it's worth though, since I can't change the situation anyway.

I skimmed ahead in the book I'm currently reading and know that the main character's husband is dead. She doesn't know yet. I have a horrible habit of skipping ahead if I think someone's going to die, because I know it will upset me. And I guess I'd rather get it over with. (I'd skipped ahead and discovered Dumbledore was going to die before I was barely 10 pages into book 6.) Now that I know, though, I'm not sure how much I want to keep reading. It's incredibly sad. But the book is actually quite funny, overall. I'm assuming the sad part is mainly the finding out he's dead part, and now that I've got that over with...

If only I had a job, I would be too busy for all this scheming and cheating! Come on, hire this girl already!



Bob said...

just curious....what is the book you are reading?--bob

9:54 PM
Kelli said...

Yes! What is the book you're reading? And the link you sent to your blog entry was SO funny. You are super brave! I suppose these bugs are providing us with character building experiences, no?
Thanks for sharing. :)

3:28 PM