Ti Riffic.

Hubs and I finally set up an old TiVo that came with a lifetime subscription which was given to us by Mookie, who'd gotten it as a cast off from his brilliant drunken colleague. And it works! It's an old version, but it's free! I'm so excited! We'd never spring for TiVo (certainly not now with me being sans income, but really probably not even if I were a productive money-earning member of society) so how pleasant that we get it anyway! It already recorded CSI Miami for us on it's own! Based on other shows we told it to record, it picked that one. We LOVE that one! TiVo apparently knows things about us. Maybe because it'd been sitting in a box in our apartment for over a year and heard what we watched on television.

Funny thing is, in Boston we watched a lot more tv than we do here. Not sure why. So when we had to pick shows we wanted it to record, we were sort of stumped and only came up with about two.