Tredding on unstable ethical ground

I have a question. Is it immoral to request a book from the library in large print because the waiting list for large print is 6 people, and the waiting list for regular print is 256 people? Are you supposed to leave the large print books for the people who can't see well enough to read the smaller print? I'm being dead serious, if it's a crap thing to do I won't do it. Well, yeah, okay, I already did it. But I'll undo it. I'm in no mad hurry to read this book. It's just sometimes I don't mind the large print... maybe it's laziness or the fact that I read so slowly anyhow... sometimes it's nice to have big letters... and with the shorter wait list I thought why not? It's shitty, yeah? Is it? It's starting to sound like a shitty thing to do. Anybody got a ruling on this one?



Bob said...

hmmm....we (2 of us) vote for keeping your name on the Large Print list, after all, it's only 6 people and you don't know that all of them aren't doing exactly what you are figuring out! ("Hey, this list is shorter!") Right? Anyone waiting after you on the list would have to wait on a sight-impaired person the same amount of time, right? They won't know that you DON'T need it.

9:42 AM
Crys :D said...

ummm.. I got laser eye surgery a couple of years back so i'm ANAL about protecting my eyes. I get the large-print book often.

It's also protecting your BACK. if you get the regular print one, you might hunch over.

it's not a crap thing to do. you're just being proactive about your health.

9:49 AM