My previous two complaints are still valid, but the spot on the carpet is gone! At least, almost entirely gone. I can still see it, but even I can tell that this is because I know it's there. YAY! Thank you Woolite Oxy Clean!

I still had to talk about my job search a gazillion times last night, and one conversation was ridiculously uncomfortable (how do you not notice when you're making someone feel like crap by pointing out all the worst possible scenarios for their jobless future?).

Anyway, let's stick with the positive: my clean carpet!

Hopefully the focus of the OCD I've clearly been exhibiting won't immediately turn to some other imperfection in our house. I could use a reprieve from myself :)



Swishy said...

I cannot believe people! Whatever. And surfing websites and doing cover letters COMPLETELY blows.

I hate exercising sometimes but I hate even more when I can't do it. What about walking, is that allowed?

5:43 PM
Bob said...

Oh drat...I JUST found out this afternoon at a picnic that HOT SHOT (made by WD-40 people) is really good for removing spots on carpets. Thought I'd mention it for future reference.--bob

10:32 PM
Crys :D said...

sweeeeeeeeeett! mention in your blog AND success - YAY! :)

the stuff i was thinking of is this stuff:

but the oxygen-cleaning technology is the same. If the Woolite stuff works for you, then great!! :) i'm also a big fan of the Vim gel oxygenated bubbles cleaning stuff.

9:59 AM