The plots thicken

So, the three garden plots. They don't look like much, but it's been tough work to get them all to the point they're at now.

This is the one between the front stones and the garage. They're all annuals, so this plot will need to be replanted in the spring. If you can make out the little peach flowers in the very front row on the right and left, those were dying when I planted them and have come back to life surprisingly quickly and well. I'd pruned them back to next to nothing, but before long they were leafy, and now they're starting to show their first signs of flowers!

These are the two hydrangeas with an Autumn Joy in the middle and some purple and white petunias around them. There are white petunias all the way on the left that you can't see well in this picture.

This plot is made up of this Pink Diamond hydrangea (yeah, it's not pink, what gives?), two Russian Sages, an Autumn Joy, and an Annabelle hygrangea at the other end.

Here is the Annabelle at the far end. It isn't blooming, but if you could have seen what it looked like when I first planted it (dead), you'd know this is a vast improvement. The hydrangeas have been really hard to keep up with. They require so much attention (and water).

And, here's the Elephant Ear I dug up and put in a planter. It's doing better today, but still doesn't seem as happy or healthy as it did when it was in the ground outside.

I seem to have very high maintenance plants. Maybe they're all like that? The annuals are thriving the most and are the least work, but then again they die much much sooner than the others.



Swishy said...

Oooh, pretty plants!

Is that rug from Target? I LOVE that rug! I always say when I move I'm gonna buy it.

6:01 PM