Team me

We had a pleasant enough weekend - on Friday, after Hubs' long week of training people decades older than him, we had a lovely, relaxing evening at home. Saturday we went to clean P's house, hopefully for the last time because I'm not sure how much more I can help.

Saturday night we made it home in time to cook dinner, take a walk to better examine the neighbors' landscaping, and go see The Dark Knight! It was very entertaining. It made me sad to see Health Ledger, whose acting skill I've admired since Brokeback Mountain. It's too bad for so many reasons that his life was cut short, probably the least of which is the loss of talent for the industry. He was amazing though - one of the few actors who genuinely seemed unrecognizable in character, even without the help of makeup and special effects. He was the real deal.

Sunday we took a test drive to where I have to go for my interview (it's a bit complicated to get to since it's downtown) and then did yard work. I dug up the hydrangeas and pruned the hell out of them. Then I replanted the Annabelle, but am soaking the two Pink Diamonds for twenty-four hours before replanting them. Two things the hydrangeas bring with them: great scents in the air, and bees. Lots of bees. Hadn't been expecting either, and only one is a pleasant surprise.

We've decided to dig up some of the perennials we'd planted in the third plot and move them into the other two plots: two Autumn Joys, two Russian Sages, a Lantana, and a Gloriosa Daisy. Cross your fingers, but so far the hydrangeas are all looking better.

Sunday evening I made dinner while Hubs recovered from mowing the lawn by watching the Olympics. We watched lots of swimming and the women's gymnastics team competition. Awesome swimming relay by the American men's team at the finish! So cool to watch the French trash talkers get their asses handed to them.

I told Hubs I think if only I'd been blessed with a more athletically capable body I'd have made an excellent Olympian because of how hard working, goal focused, and competitive I can be. And how totally calm I remain under pressure. Like a rock. I never lose my cool.

Hubs studied me a moment and seemed to choose his next words carefully. "I think you would have made an excellent Olympian."

I broke into a wide smile. "Thanks!" I hummed the Olympic anthem and bounced a little on the couch.

Hubs is great at not shattering the fantasies that make life (and the Olympics) a little more fun.



Kelli said...

Good luck on your interview!! Maybe use your "why I would make a great Olympian" speech as your presentation. Hee hee. :)

6:42 PM
Bob said...

(snicker snicker)..."I never lose my cool.".. (snicker)... Just make a spot on the carpet and wait for her to do her Lady MacBeth imitation..."Out! Out! Damned spot!" --bob

9:02 PM