Better late than never: here are some pictures of the inside of the house. Only one room today, but I'll get to the rest sometime I promise! Anyhow, here's our kitchen. Boy, do I have plans for our kitchen! Hubs doesn't like to hear them all, but I want stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops (I know, I know, who doesn't?). I have a long and short list of all the stuff I want to do to our house (it's only 9 years old, so it's all cosmetic). The aforementioned kitchen updates are sadly on the long list, meaning won't happen in the near future.



Scotty said...

You need everything to match the sink, right? :)

11:15 PM
Bob said...

cool house, (question--did Hubs paint the three small fruit things on the wall?...
oh, and re: the deer piece-- after I had written the piece about the deer, I thought I'd better ad the "warning" about the, I'm glad to have been of service for you in that way.

11:46 PM
Crys :D said...

I have stainless steel and granite! Lady, the granite is SOOOO worth it!!!!! and the stainless steel is ok for now. lots of fingerprints. i have to clean all the time. but the granite is SO worth it :)

your kitch looks huge. i know i just moved into my place but i can't help thinking about the next one.... :)

9:45 AM