All sorts of frustrated and nowhere to go

I am a bit frustrated. For two reasons. No, make that three.

One, the stupid f*cking carpet. I can't take it! The spot gets better, but won't go away. And this requires a great deal of patience, which is something I've plum run out of.

Two, I'm so tired of waiting for things to happen on the job front. I know this week finally showed some progress and I should be grateful for that, but I just want to know if I got the job I interviewed for. I hate continuing to surf employment websites and draft cover letters. In a few hours we're going to a barbeque with friends and I know I'll have to explain a million times over what's happening with my job search.

Three, as per doctor's orders, I'm not supposed to be exercising right now. Which is a very long story, and has to do with my body fat %age being a touch on the low side. And no I am not pregnant. Anyway, this edict leaves me looking wistfully at my ipod, my running shoes, and all things spandex. I am at a loss. Exercise was my way of coping with all the pent up energy I naturally seem to have.

So here I am, sitting at the computer, when I would normally be headed to Lifetime Fitness. I miss the sweat dripping down my face so much I can practically feel it. I miss the fatigue that comes from working as hard as you possibly can. I miss moving around. I miss being me.

And I hate hate hate that stupid f*cking carpet.