Surpassing all expectation

The Minnesota State Fair was so much fun!

We got to see and pet a ton of animals. How adorable is that piglet? Can you stand it? I wanted to grab his pink little snout and kiss him! He is 15 days old. OMG, it's too much cuteness!

We walked around and checked out tons of stuff: Minnesota agriculture displays, fine arts, educational displays, farm equipment, and motor homes. (Hubs really wants a motor home. Some cost scant less than the down payment on our house, so I don't see a motor home in our future.)

In the Dairy Barn, we visited the Butter Bust displays. This is a butter bust of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, the queen of the Minnesota State Fair. Apparently all of the eligible young pageant ladies are turned into Butter Busts. They have to sit in a walk-in freezer while they're likeness is being carved - the indignity! But it's no indignity when it's for the State Fair - a shot at royalty is worth a few goosebumps. Since Kristy was elected Princess Kay, her Butter Bust was graced with the tiara.

After we left the Dairy Barn, we got some cheese curds (as disgusting, and yummy, as you might imagine - deep fried mozzerella nuggets), hot dogs, and homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk.

In order to settle our stomachs we ended our day by going on some rides. I wasn't sure I could do it, because the idea of carnival rides wigs me out (more so than amusement park rides, maybe because carnival rides are only used 12 out of the 365 days of the year). But it was fun! I was terrified, but I had Hubs so I felt brave.

On our way back to the shuttle, we passed the Marines. They were giving out lanyards or t-shirts for men who could do either 10 (lanyard) or 20 (t-shirt) pull-ups, or women who could do the flex arm hang for 90 seconds (t-shirt). I gave it a shot and won a t-shirt! I would have felt ├╝ber tough, since no other women could flex arm hang for more than 45 seconds, but then this chick in a short purple dress with kick-ass guns got up and did 13 pull-ups. Holy crap!

Still, my t-shirt says Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Marines rock.

We left for the fair grounds in the morning and by the time we got home is was 9 o'clock at night. We were exhausted and fell into bed, tummies still actively trying to digest all the nasty food that is de rigueur for the fair experience.