No news Saturday

Today I finally got my hair high- (well, actually low-) lighted and cut! Thank goodness - it was starting to feel like a mop! And my new stylist, a referral from a friend, is terrific. And so much cheaper than in Boston!

Our friend D is on his way over with his daughter little C. D will be helping Hubs to mount the movietron (giant movie projector for at-home entertainment) to the ceiling and run the cables through the wall. I will be upstairs, covering my eyes and ears and playing with little C. I don't want to hear or see anyone drilling holes in our new home. Seriously.

Here are some pics of downstairs, since I'm behind on posting inside pics of the house.

This is the family room downstairs. The movietron will project onto a screen that will be mounted above the framed picture will all the hats.

This is another guest bath. This is actually my favorite bathroom in the house. I like the colors and the floor is beautiful ceramic tile (but so cold on bare feet!). The bathroom has a walk-in shower with two shower heads. Don't ask me, I don't get it. It came like that. But Hubs has tried it out and said it's hard to get soapy when you're always in the stream of water coming from one direction or the other.

Here is Hubs' studio. He's been so busy at work that he hasn't had much time to get things set up down there.

There's also a guest bedroom downstairs. When my allergies are so bad that I cough all night Hubs goes down there to sleep if he has a big work day the following morning.

And finally there's a kitchenette. Hubs calls it a wet bar, but who has a yellow and blue colored wet bar? I mean, really, could this room look any less bar-like? No. It couldn't. It'd be the saddest excuse for a bar there ever was!

Even though the downstairs is probably my favorite part of the house, I spend all my time on the upper two floors. It's too cold down there!!! But that chunky brown couch in the family room is heavenly. If we could only install a fireplace... But that's part of the long term, not the short term, plan for renovation.



mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Lovely house. I like your plans for the movie-tv. We have one too, and we're sitting in front of it with the Ohio St. and USC game right now. (Football players look so much bigger on it!)

9:29 PM
Bob said...

Hello Laura--...sorry, but I just HAD to snoop around Hubs' studio. He must do most of his painting with acrylics I see. And did he stretch that one canvas himself? (the one NOT evenly cut on the back) At one point, I considered offering to paint something for your new home, but I can see, you have your own "artist-in-residence". And you are right when you say you like that cushy-looking couch...seems you could just sink right down and stay there for a while with a good book.

12:50 PM
Streakin Iron said...

I think you should just repaint the wet-bar. It wouldn't take you but a few hours and it would change the whole look of the room for around $30 dollars!

5:57 PM
Anonymous said...

You should make sure you have enough cold air returns in the basement. Our house WAS FREEZING downstairs until we brought a guy in to add one more cold air return and BANG - normal temperatures again - cost? 450$ canadian.... who knows what that equals in Yankee money now at days.

4:01 PM