They weren't kidding

My large print book came available at the library today.

It is, as aptly named, very large print.

How fun!

I am headed to a dinner with some women I'm meeting through the fiancée of one of Hubs' friends. There promises to be wine and gossip. I'm way behind on my Hollywood gossip, so I'm hoping they can fill me in.

On a totally unrelated note, have any of you (this is more for the ladies, but I have no gender bias - if any of you men out there have experience worth sharing, please do!) ever waxed your legs/underarm/bikini area at home with a waxing kit? Since our one income budget no longer includes monthly salon visits, I'm planning to give it a try (not right this second). Please: stop me if you know better.



Anonymous said...

Hmm, I only use a razor for those particular areas but I have used a kit for waxing my eyebrows and it works very well. I do go in to get them done professionally every few months but inbetween treatments it helps to keep them tidy and nice.

5:54 PM
Bob said...

oohhhmmmm.........oohhhmmmmm......(saying some sort of mantra with fingers in ears)...oohhhmmmmm.. (wishing I hadn't read that second paragraph)....ooohhmmmmm (find a happier place)....ohhhmmmmm

8:54 PM
mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

I guess this says too much... but, yes, buy the Bliss Poetic Bikini wax. I do it every couple of weeks (TO MYSELF--UGH!) It's better than anything else I've used. You can get it online or at Sephora. Thanks for your comment. My son is pretty cute! :-)

11:52 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Poor Bob! :) And I'm glad I clicked in to see the comments, here, I'm going to try Deb's recommendation too, thanks!

4:29 AM
DeeMarie said...

I've personally never used at-home treatments, but I can share a story. My friend wanted to try that "Nads" that was advertised on TV. Your hair has to be a certain length and so rather than wait to see, she figured she'd try it out on her hubby's tummy. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he didn't speak to her for a week. :)

7:26 AM
Kelli said...

I like Surgiwax--you can get it at the usual places (CVS/Grocery store). It's easy with no strips or other mess. You just melt the wax, smear it on, and riiiiiiiiip it off. :) I may give the Bliss Poetic a try, though...

Oh, and it takes about 1.5 hours to walk 5 miles.

Happy waxing.

9:22 AM
Crys :D said...

2:27 PM
HeatherPride said...

Don't do it!!! I tried a home kid once, with wax you had to heat up in the microwave? That part worked ok, but the whole waxing part? Can we say bloody disaster? As in, it actually drew blood? Ummm, yeah.... I haven't gone anywhere near there since.

2:54 PM