My Hero

Quite literally. Long story short: A, Hubs' now ex-sister-in-law, asked us to puppy-sit Hero this weekend. And then she asked us to adopt him. And so I give you Hero the Knuckles Mac.

Now, I pictured myself a Whippet owner, or a Lab. Something fast, or big and dog-like. Or a Siamese cat - something dramatic. Never something fluffy. Or in any way related to the Poodle. And never a boy dog. Only a girl dog. But sometimes curve balls get thrown your way, and I guess you have to decide if you want the life you always planned for and imagined, or the life that bowled you over with... well, fuzz.

We picked fuzz. And so it begins. Our time is no longer our own, and we no longer sleep through the night. Practice, right? It's awfully hard for me to suddenly accept that a certain phase in my life - the 'it's all about me/us' phase, has passed. And it just keeps on going. In fact, I can barely make it out in the review mirror anymore.



DeeMarie said...

He's adorable!!! And Hero the Knuckles= PERFECT!! :) Congrats on the new addition to your family. Now I can stop singing the Siamese cat song from Lady & The Tramp.

1:09 PM
Anonymous said...

He's so adorable! :) You'll get your sleep back, I promise. He'll settle into a routine, and probably out-sleep you eventually. Our dogs start "resting" about 8pm and are perfectly content to still be sleeping at 10am the next morning (which is awesome for the weekends).

How old is he?

1:25 PM
HeatherPride said...

AWWWWW, I LOVE the fuzz! He's adorable! Yay!

1:47 PM
Bob said...

THAT is ONE cool dog! His little face, hidden by all that fuzz, is adorable! Moxie is my first "fuzzy" dog, and he's really a cool dog! (part Bichon Frises, and [we think Jack Russell)part Yorkie. Not much Yorkie in him though if that's what he is.

9:09 PM
mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

He is sooo cute! Huge advantage of poodle/poodle mix... no shedding!!! That's awesome. I'm still deciding whether to take on yet another life as a responsibility. Can't wait to hear about the adventures of Hero.

9:41 PM
Scotty said...

How cool! Esp love his name :)

11:55 PM
Kelli said...

Yay for Hero! I'm glad he found a good home. My cat is like having a toddler in the house, and I'll bet Hero will be the same way for awhile. The loyalty, love and adoration he will give you is worth all of the sleepless nights. :)

10:18 AM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Adorable, I'm so glad this worked out! :)

11:31 AM