The PERFECT idea!

Oh, come on. Are you really that surprised?

Yes, it's true. I have found a new pet passion: wedge head, or modern, Siamese cats.

I went to my gals dinner group last night and came home with the most brilliant plan! Hubs and I will get two Siamese kittens. I know, I know, we're not cat people. At all. But the thing is, Siamese cats aren't like cats! At all! They're like dogs trapped in cat bodies. And I looooooooove them!

S, who hosted this week's dinner, has two. And over the course of the evening, I understood why. They're fantastic. I'm telling you, this idea is GOLD. It's like all the benefits of getting a dog without actually getting one! And hence, avoiding all the negatives!

Yes, Hubs is very wary and very tired right now, but I almost have him convinced! Now I'm just searching for a breeder within driving distance! I think I've found one...



DeeMarie said...

I can't see a siamese cat without thinking of Lady and the Tramp- "We are siamese if you please... we are siamese if you don't please." Oh, just me??
Anyways, I hope Hubs goes for it!! Sometimes a girl just needs a cat, right?

2:45 PM
Bina said...

I have the PERFECT cat for you. I mean, depending on where you live and all. I could bring her to you!

Interested? I wrote about her on my blog. Some insane stupid person must not have wanted her anymore, so she is trying to adopt me.

2:47 PM
Anonymous said...

This is no good, very bad idea. Are you sure? Cats can be the devil incarnate, no matter their breed. I think you need to find a sweetie-pie puppy. :)

(Coming from a non-cat person.)

Good luck with whatever you decide though. ;)

4:07 PM
Swishy said...

You won't have to get up in the morning and let the cat out! DEFINITE plus. Especially in the winter!

9:15 PM
Bob said... sister had a Siamese cat, it WAS evil incarnate. Did you consider your hostess had hers on Vicodin or Valium? Anyway, I'm not sure you aren't a cat person.

11:56 PM
mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

I give you this:

I loved my modern Siamese. It was heart breaking. Not like a dog at all (she's be very insulted and make sure that you knew it) ... very much her own creature. I forewarn you: they need A LOT of attention.

PS-mine was adopted by a very nice family.

8:21 AM
HeatherPride said...

Good luck! My house just wouldn't feel like a home without a pet! I understand your need for one!

10:59 AM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

What about an older dog from a shelter...potty trained and docile? And you'd be saving it from the shelter? That's what we did with our dog. I can totally relate to your desire for a pet, and it's so hard to decide what is right for you! Hope you find the perfect pet soon.

Take care!

3:26 PM
Cat said...

That IS a good looking cat...and you're totally right, what I really want is my little baby back, and not the ribs kind. Thank god I'm aware of it, or I'd probably end up with a cat!

3:21 PM