"Are YOU lookin' at ME?"

"You wanna talk smack about my fluffy head again? I'll kick your pit bull *ss! I may be descended from a poodle, but I'll take you down, son!"

As Hubs strolled into the kitchen while I was cooking last night, I asked him, "Hey, if we get a cockapoo, we have to name it something really tough, to be ironic. Like a prison name. Ya know?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?"

I nodded. "Totally. Like Spike. Or Betsy the Knuckles."

"Betsy the Knuckles?" he repeated.

I nodded again. "Yeah."

He shook his head. "You've been thinking of that one for a while, haven't you?"

He knows me well. "I might have spent some time on this."



mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

yea, I'm trying to get a "teacup" yorkie for Christmas. Wish me luck! Still working on my Sweetie.

9:26 PM
Jenny said...

We had a cockapoo for about a year and a half.. he was so cute! black and white and we named him Shamrock.. not a very tough name, but still... If our experience is anything to go on, those are very energetic dogs.. We would take him out and throw around a tennis ball for an hour or so and instead of tiring him out, it energized him! I seriously don't think we ever saw him sleep (other than at night) in the time that we had him. We moved and couldn't take him with us, but we loved that little high energy pup!

9:47 PM
Swishy said...

I am totally thinking about getting a dog if I move. That one is ADORABLE!

9:57 PM
Anonymous said...

That cracks me up. You could be like us and name your boy dog with a girl's name (Zoe in our case) to, you know, make sure they get made fun of at the dog park. :) Actually we thought Zoe was a she-dog because he was so itty bitty when we got him. We soon realized he was a boy but the name had already suck. :)

My Pearl is red, my only choices were red, white, or blue, so I went with the red one. I really love it so far, you should totally get a pink one! :) I totally think Cletus is a girl, I will be shocked if it's a boy.

9:16 AM
Anonymous said...

Is that dog for real? He looks like a beanie-baby

So cute.

11:52 AM
HeatherPride said...

I bet she would be the only Betsy the Knuckles on the block!! (definitely the cutest!)

12:10 PM
Crys :D said...

for your wet bar downstairs, you could take out all the upper cabineting (the only thing keeping it looking like a kitchenette and not a real bar), paint the walls a darker colour (better for the projection screen too) and add an islandy-type of bar thing on one side. presto. insta-bar. ok, maybe not insta.

2:22 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

How fun! I love Betsy the Knuckles, perfect!! :)

6:21 PM
Bob said...

hmmm...Betsy the Knuckles still doesn't quite do it for me...how about Purvis 2 Puddles? You know, named for that itty bitty bladder?

7:46 PM
DeeMarie said...

Betsy the Knuckles is a perfect name. Tough, with a bit of class! :)

11:20 AM
Bina said...

Oh my Gosh! Could that puppy BE any cuter??? I LOVE it!

Betsy the Knuckles, huh? Imagine yelling for her when she gets out. LOL

2:47 PM
Anonymous said...

We have a Westie who's real name is Saffron - because she was SO DAMN EXPENSIVE.

My friend has a teeny little poodle named Pistol and a Pit Bull named Daisy. Pistol is the boss in that house though.

4:10 PM