So last night D and little C came over. A is out of town this week and D is single parenting, so we fed them dinner (bbq pulled pork sandwiches - yummmmm - I'll include that recipe when I finally make a recipe blog).

Over dinner, as the course of conversation turned to what we'd each accomplished that day, I commented that I'd gotten my hair done.

D remarked, "Oh, yeah, I thought your hair looked a lot nicer today than it did a couple days ago!!!"

Hubs and I burst out laughing. "That didn't come out right, did it?" D asked, putting his head in his hands as little C called out, "Daddy? Hi Daddy. Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?"

It's so much harder to be socially graceful with a two year old screaming beside you, waving her pink spoon in your face.

Still, today I double checked with Hubs. "So, have I been looking completely crap lately, or what?" He assured me not, but I may step up my game and at least shower daily from now on :)



Swishy said...

I am sure you looked just fine!! (Although ... I must admit, my showering has gone waaaay down since I quit my job. Or at least the hair washing-and-blow drying has.)

11:53 PM
Anonymous said...

LOL that's too funny. Good thing you have a sense of humor and can take it for the *oops* comment that it was.

12:07 PM
HeatherPride said...

Yeah, that's a classic moment! I'm sure you looked great before though!!

1:03 PM
mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

I was lucky if I showered every other day when the twins were first born... and the hair... well that went out the window. Now that they're (almost) 2 1/2 and I'm running everyday, I manage to find the time... the hair still needs work :-)

1:15 PM