His other woman

Yesterday afternoon the other woman in Hubs' life moved into our garage: his beloved Karmen Ghia. She'd been in storage nearby. Now she's displaced my Honda in our two car garage. Hubs makes his fair share of sacrifices for my wants, so it's only appropriate that I do the same.

Until late fall. When the first snowflake flutters, all bets are off.



Bob said...

Hey Elle... Just thought I'd offer my garage for the "other woman" in his life. Of course, I'd have to take it for a spin once in a while, you know, to blow the carbon out of the valves after storage. But I'd be glad to to it, just so you could park in your garage, something you MUST do in Minnesota! Just thought I'd be helpful...I'll come pick up the Ghia this weekend.

7:43 PM
HeatherPride said...

I have to admit that is the best looking Karmen Ghia I've ever seen! But he'd be parking his own ride out in the driveway before I'd be freezing my tush off for the "other woman"! My appreciation only goes so far...

2:43 PM
Crys :D said...


blur out your license plate!!!!!! FOR SAFETY!

(I say to a woman I've never met and I've only conversed with online....)

2:29 PM