What do you mean you want to throw it away?

"I don't want that stupid new shiny one! So, yeah, this one's a liiiiiiiiittle harder to fetch. What of it?"



HeatherPride said...

OH, look at that glare!! How dare you suggest such a thing!! ha!

3:06 PM
Swishy said...


And I think your house pictures are cute :)

11:33 PM
DeeMarie said...

Fetching is highly overrated when you can just gnaw on the shell of a ball! Looks like he's happy in his new home!!

9:22 AM
Crys :D said...

your house is lovely - i sang Under the Sea at karaoke on the weekend. Don't change that room one bit. (and the ducks are AWESOME. i am currently looking for a bath tub plug that has a floaty boat or duck or something fun)


1:39 PM