Holy crap, that IS a noxious weed!!!


The weed is directly behind our fence, which borders on a bicycle trail. I guess I never went back there to take a good look at our unwanted tenant. With the size of him, he ought to be paying rent to chill on our property. I see the Deputy's point - that thing could easily devour a small child. Probably already has - I mean, thing's gotta eat to grow that big.

Needless to say, despite having been armed with gardening gloves and tools, I retreated. I'll wait for Hubs. This battle will require reinforcements.



HeatherPride said...

YIKES!!! But, uh, the flowers are kinda pretty?

2:42 PM
Bob said...

It is a Canada Thistle...very invasive and actually REQUIRED BY LAW in some states to be irradicated if/when found! ..although, Goldfinches and doves LOVE the seeds! Kill it NOW!,but it looks like it's already gone to seed, soooooooo.... good luck next year!

11:24 PM
Scotty said...

I like this whole weed story :)

11:44 AM