A space in the world

for those members of our family not yet actually in it. These are the spaces dedicated for our someday children. Honestly, they're part of what drew us to the house. First off, that the two 'kids' rooms are both upstairs. And second, that they've clearly been such happy rooms for the previous owners. Speaking of children, we have our first appointment with the RE at an IF clinic on October 21st. Cross your fingers for us!

This is what we call The Little Girl Room, for obvious reasons. It's obnoxiously pink. I doubt we'll keep it that way, but for now we're not really doing anything with these rooms until we know what exactly we're redecorating for, and when.

And this, The Little Boy Room, designed with an undersea theme. Right now we also call this room the QRR, or Quiet Reading Room. We threw our old unwanted couches in there, and my much loved papazan (which I still very much want!), so it's often where I read at night. It has a decent sized walk-in closet, not necessary befitting a boy. But The Little Girl Room has direct access to the bathroom, so it's a toss up which room is more female-appropriate.

And speaking of the bathroom - one of my favorite places in the house: The Duck Bathroom. I love it. It makes me happy.



seussgirl said...

Oct. 21st is a good day (my birthday!) - so I'll think good thoughts for your first appointment! I hope that you really connect to the Dr. - that's so important.
I love the duck bathroom! And I wish I had a QRR. :)

2:34 PM
Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the fact that I'm never moving again, I would totally move to your house and live in the Nemo bedroom. That is just too stinkin' cool.

4:39 PM
Debby said...

oh that duck bathroom could put a smile on anyone's face. Love it.

7:23 PM
DeeMarie said...

Those are just such happy places!! I love the kids' rooms. And I've totally got my fingers crossed for you (toes too!)

9:25 AM
Kelli said...

YAY a duck bathroom!!! How cool is the Nemo room (aka: QRR)? I love the artwork.

Good luck at the Dr. in Oct. I hope all goes well.

9:36 AM
Streakin Iron said...

The duck bathroom is really cute!

There are days when I didn't wish I was such a cowgirly girl, and I could bring myself to have a happy bathroom that's not vanquished in vintage cowgirls. Lol.

10:09 AM