Change your mind

I spent this morning mourning our washer - it's dead. Repairs estimated at $472, or more to the point repairs estimated at the cost of a new washer. Then, in the midst of a flat out financial tizz, I finally relented and set up an interview for tomorrow with a temp agency downtown.

After all that misery, I spent the afternoon having lunch at the Olive Garden and walking around Target playing with children's toys with my new friend C who is a stay-at-home mom. C tends to hit her wits end around Wednesday, so when she called saying she had daycare for a few hours I jumped at the chance to leave my sorrows behind and get out of the house.

And now I'm back, waiting for Hubs to come home so we can go to the Sears Appliance Store. He's working late, so it's just me and Hero. And I'm eating fish sticks for dinner.

I'm trying very hard not to feel sorry for myself. But I gotta tell you, today it's a challenge.



Cat said...

Hey, the temp agency could be the best thing that's ever happened to you, you never know!! It could be your ticket into a great opportunity.

The new appliance - well, that totally sucks and I'm sorry for the expense. But that might be awesome in the long run, too. Or maybe I just get turned on by the thought of a new one :)

6:37 PM
Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem like all this big stuff comes crashing down right around the holidays? Every year it seems. Hopefully the temp agency will turn into something fantastic, like a wonderful permanent position that you love.

Hang in there chickadee. :)

And I'm having pigs in a blanket for supper, so I feel your less-than-gourmet woes. ;)

6:45 PM
Melissa said...

Some of my best, most challenging, most growth-inducing, most uncomfortable-in-a-good-way jobs came through temp agencies. There's also a lot of freedom in knowing that you can say "Shove it!" to the job without much recourse if you want to! :o)
I, am eating hashbrowns with sausage for dinner. It's amazing how "creative" I can be when my husband isn't home for dinner. :o)
Good luck finding the most wonderful washer for the most wonderful price!

7:36 PM
Grad3 said...

Ugh. Hope tomorrow is better!!!

9:03 PM
Christine Slay said...

I am wishing you good luck with the temp agency.. and a kick ass front loader washer that you will find! It's sometimes the little things in life that make one smile (my damn washer is leaking like crazy right now and I am wishing for a new one under the tree - not gonna happen though)! I am thinking good thoughts for you!!

9:34 PM
Casey said...

Look at the temp agency as your chance to shop around and find something cool. If you do and they like you, they can buy your contract from the temp agency and you can stay there (my friend had this happen).
And sorry about the $$ for the washer but I hope it leads to an awesome new one. We have an LG front loading washer and dryer and we call them R2 and D2 and they're AWESOME. That's how I know I'm old, I'm excited about a washer and dryer... ;)

2:04 AM
~Jess said...

The temp agency could turn up some great opportunities. I hope you find a great deal on a washer...there seems to be a lot of deals out.

Good luck!

7:20 AM
DeeMarie said...

Hang in there. So sorry about the washer, and all of it. I'm glad your ups are outweighing your downs, but I'm sorry you're still down....

8:21 AM
calicobebop said...

Oh no! The washer is dead? Why does it have to happen around the holidays?

I hope the Temp Agency works for you. My sister (who has lived all over the country) has had very good luck with temp agencies. Maybe it will open a door! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

8:36 AM
Mel said...

Such a bummber about the washer, so sorry, hun. Our dryer caught on fire earlier this year (yea, it was lovely) and I was bummed because we had to spend money on a new one... HOWEVER, I met a fabulous new LG front loader and immediately insisted that I not only get a new dryer but washer as well. I haven't looked back since, I'm addicted. If you go that route, try to splurge for one with steam wash capability. It's like sex for laundry almost.

My current job was found through a temp agency and although I felt rather low have to go that route at the time, 7 years later I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.

I hope you can cheer up and have a better day tomorrow... things can turn around so fast it'll make your head spin.


9:15 AM
Anndi said...

Good luck with the temp agency, this just might be the best thing for you.

I haven't had anything scrumptious or lovely for dinner for quite a while now, so I feel that pain.

9:16 AM
HeatherPride said...

Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much I want to be a temp! I think it sounds like the perfect job. Casey is right, think of it as a chance to do some shopping around before you commit. Play the field, if you know what I mean. Good luck!

10:01 AM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I hope today is a better day for you! ((HUGS))

11:33 AM
Bina said...

Oh, I'm sorry. But at least when you get a new washer, you'll know you don't have THAT to worry about for a quite a while, and I hope the job interview goes really well!

2:48 PM