A happy holiday, after all

I can't honestly say what was so wrong that first couple of days that my family was here, but suffice it to say I'm over it, I appreciate that I have so many people in my life who love me, and I am okay. Not great, not employed, not pregnant, but okay. It ended up being a really lovely Thanksgiving, with my mom, stepdad, dad, sis, brother-in-law, two nieces, mother and father in-law, and other brother-in-law present. The food was good, the company was good, and I finally was able to just relax a little bit. I was so worried about hosting my whole family that really lost perspective about the fact that my whole family was here!!! It was so wonderful to spend time with them, even though I never felt like there was enough time since I was busy finding extra towels, providing bandaids, showing my mom where to find various cooking utensils, giving directions to the local parks, etc. etc. Not that it was warm enough for local parks - we went from 25 degrees to a high in the upper 30s. Now it's back down to the 20s again.

My sis and her clan left on Saturday morning, and since then my stepdad and I have been installing our new wood dining room flooring! I am so excited about this giant project because I hated the fact that our dining room had carpet. It drove me crazy. So I am thrilled it's now gone, and the floor is 3/4 of the way finished! It's coming out fantastic, and it's pretty exciting that I'm, um, installing my own freakin' floor! Who'd have thunk it?

In my very little free time lately, I've also made some good headway on my novel. Which is fullfilling and exciting and wonderful, although still feels like a pipe dream 50% of the time. Could I be a novelist? It's kind of hard to believe that I actually could, and I figure maybe that's because I actually can't. Then again, someone very famous said 'If you bother to dream, dream big.' I try to remember that every time I start to rain on my own parade.

Hubs is swamped at work as usual, and I'm swamped at home. Hero is being really good! Today I couldn't believe how well behaved he was since I ignored him for about 12 hours straight while Jack and I were using power tools in the dining room. He wasn't perfect while we had a full house, but he didn't bite anyone under 3 feet tall. Which I count as complete success. He bit Hubs and I a couple of times, but we're still working on that...

I'm not sure if I have any other updates... The past week we've put up a new towel rack, fixed all our outside lights (which were on some annoying screwed up timer business and never came on when you wanted them to), and hung a new chandelier in our upstairs stairwell. I've been to Lowes, Home Depot, Menards. I'm seriously starting to get addicted to DIY stuff. A whole other side of me I never thought existed.

As sad as I'll be to see my parents leave this Thursday, I'm looking forward to spending this weekend watching Battlestar Galactica dvds with Hubs on the couch all weekend. And snuggling with Hero, who has become quite an affectionate pooch. But is not allowed on the couch, so maybe I'll watch the dvds on the floor. Regardless, lots of blankets and mugs of hot chocolate are necessary.



Melissa said...

That's awesome that you had such a great time with your family AND that you got some great DIY stuff done! Yay for good helpers! I find that I am so much more likely to complete a project (any project) if there is someone there to help me. :o)
Happy December!

11:48 PM
DeeMarie said...

So glad to see you're working through your little funk! I so can't wait to see the floor- and I'm totally impressed that you installed yourself!!!!! Oh, and when you finish your novel, dibs on doing a first reading!! :) Hugs!!

8:07 AM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

It sounds like you're working through this trying time in your life and I'm so happy for you.

DIY stuff is addicting. Next thing you know, you'll be remodeling a bathroom or something!

I'm also glad your holiday was lovely. It sounds fun. I always say the more the merrier. So long as you have room to host them all!

8:23 AM
Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of all your DIY-ness. I have a few things you could work on if you run out. :)

8:45 AM
Bina said...

I am so jealous!!!! I want hardwood floors in my living room. I already have it in my dinning room, but I don't have anyone to help me. And I want to tile the bathrooms, but again, I have noone to help me. And I'm married. I hope you post pictures!

8:58 AM
calicobebop said...

How wonderful to read about your happy holiday - I'm glad you had a good visit with your family.

Kudos to you on your DYI streak! I'm also jealous of the new hardwood floors - you'll have to post pictures! Have fun with the rest of your projects!

9:04 AM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I'm so glad to hear that you were finally able to relax and have a good time with your family. Sometimes those get togethers can be stressful, but they're so worth it. Sounds like you're making some great progress in your house that's awesome. In our last house J and I pretty much re-did every surface.. and most of the projects we did ourselves (we did NOT attempt the master bath ourselves :-)

9:11 AM
Casey said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I'm still jealous of your wood floors and may need you to come install them at my house once you're an expert in the area. Hero sounds like he's making great progress, enjoy watching BSG with him!

9:50 AM
HeatherPride said...

I'm so impressed with all the home improvement!! I agree, I love doing that kind of stuff myself. But the flooring! You are practically a pro!!

Oh, and so proud of Hero!!

12:17 PM
Cat said...

I'm so happy to hear your holiday turned around and you were able to enjoy it, Hero behaved, and you got NEW FLOORS! Christmas came early.

3:02 PM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

We get to enjoy our tree now, but you've been doing all of that DIY-ing!!! Yay!

8:06 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

So glad you had a nice holiday - can't wait to see the floor! I put tile in my kitchen one Christmas a few years ago, and I must say, it is so rewarding to look at it and say, "I did that!!" You go, girl!


thanks for your sweet comment the other day, by the way!

9:38 PM