Luck is a four letter word

I just took Hero to the dog park, so typing this post is a little hard because my hands are still a teensy bit frozen. It's 16 degrees here! 16!!!!! Holy. Crap.

Today is Hubs' birthday, so I'm working on baking his birthday cupcakes.

Our washer has been making a really unpleasant clanking noise as it spins out. It's a front load washer and the spinning can be a little intense anyway, but now it's positively frightening. Hero flips out when it goes all jet aircraft on us, and barks at the little window through which you can watch the clothes flying around. I thought this was valiant of him at first, until I realized that the moment I come to check out what's going on he retreats. If it's a monster, I guess he's okay with it eating me. After all, he's got a bone in the living room so he's got things to do. Anyway, the Sears repair guy comes tomorrow. I kinda feel like we might be getting ripped off by Sears. But we don't know who else to call - we don't have a local handyman whose help we can enlist for a significantly lower rate.

Lately I've been stuck in a funk (if you follow my blog at all I realize this is not news to you). I just want a job, and it's screwing everything up that I don't have one yet. Hubs and I are getting stressed about funds, and its definitely negatively impacting our relationship. The baby project is on hold until we're more comfortable because who wants to have a baby and lie awake at night worrying about the price of, um, everything? Not us. A couple of days ago, after substantial reason to think I might need to, I took a pregnancy test and actually was relieved when it came back negative. Since the substantial reasons have yet to subside, I still get nervous just thinking about it. Which sucks, because I desperately want a baby but I'm in this weird place where at the moment, I don't. Or more accurately, I can't. I know it can't be perfect, the whole getting pregnant and having kids thing, but it can be better than it would be if it happened right now.

All of this plus the fact that I have no need for 7/8th of the clothes in my closet and my makeup drawer gets less use than our avacado slicer (which, in case you're not sure about this comparison, gets no use).

We're lucky that we have one problem: my need for a job. We could have more. But we seem to be very unlucky in the fact that a good job is ridiculously hard to find. And I'm not being incredibly picky, although I'm determined to work in a field that utilizes my degrees and professional training (I mean, I gotta justify the student loan!).

I know I whine about the job thing a lot, but I'm doing what I can to remedy the situation. I just hope that things turn around soon. I'm tired of putting our lives on hold.



Bina said...

That sucks about the washer. I can't imagine how much it costs to fix one of those if it's not under warranty!

I'm hoping you get a job you like real soon. Yes, it's hard right now, but I'm certain that in time it will come. I'm sure you are PERFECT for a job out there somewhere!

2:34 PM
Anonymous said...

Sucks about the washer, I hate it when things break. :(

Sending you job vibes! Hopefully something will come your way very very soon.

2:59 PM
Cat said...

Good luck with the washer, hopefully Sears will come through as the good guy and not the bad.

The job will come, it's just tough out there right now. Don't give up!

3:02 PM
Anonymous said...

If people waited for the ideal time to have babies, no one would have one!

The job will come. Don't put it all on hold until then.

In the meantime, consider looking at other options just so you are working and not sitting home thinking about it.. it helps... even a part time job at the mall helps.

3:08 PM
HeatherPride said...

The job market is soooo difficult right now. Hopefully things will start looking up. I guess the silver lining is that you aren't out scraping your windshield at dawn in all that cold weather?

3:40 PM
calicobebop said...

Sorry to hear about the washer - I hope the Sears guy can fix you up!

I know how you feel about the job anxiety. I'm going into a career change myself and pretty scared. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

3:47 PM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I think that the job thing will work itself out, but it is a hard market out there right now. My sister's husband got furloughed... it's tough. I'm not sure what you do or what your degrees are in, but perhaps you can be a bit creative? Start your own business? Consulting?

5:19 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Trust me when I say I understand about the job thing. G and I have been through so much with his employment situation and we HAVE a baby to worry about on top of that--so I think you're decision to put the baby thing on hold, while not ideal, is best for your sanity at the moment.

Hoping and praying that is all pans out soon!!! ((HUGS))

6:55 PM
Melissa said...

:o) Hero afraid of the washer clanging. :o) Hee hee. Made me think of my cat the first time we lived in a house with front-load washer. She would sit in front of it during the spin cycle fascinated by it! Too funny. Sorry Hero isn't being very heroic about it.
Hopefully January will be a turning point for your career. I know waiting is the hardest part. :o)

11:13 PM
seussgirl said...

I'm sorry about the washer and the job! I can understand feeling slightly relieved at the negative, but I'm sure you would have been excited had it been positive. You'll find a way to make the best of whatever comes along!

8:14 AM