I'm cute, right? Am I cute?



Anonymous said...

I seriously think you have the cutest "little dog" in the history of the world. :) I usually lean towards oogling over big dogs - like lab puppies and boxers, but I can't help but love your dog and I don't even know him. :)

2:42 PM
HeatherPride said...

Good thing he's so cute since he's so rotten, huh!

2:52 PM
K and/or K said...

I want a dog like this! Well, in the few seconds every week when I want a dog (read:cat person.) What a cute mug!

3:09 PM
Cat said...

Cute, sure. In the "are you totally sure it's not a cotton ball you've been walking?" kind of way.

3:21 PM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

He's only cute when he's being nice :)

So in these photos hes really cute! :D

6:17 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

He is just too cute. Seriously. I might let him get away with all his antics if I had to look at that face all day. You could just eat him up! :)

6:52 PM
shopgirl said...

Ok - so I think MY pooch is the CUTEST ever - but this ADOREABLE PUFFBALL is just too friggin' cute for words. He looks so "fluffy!"

Yes - CUTE indeed!!
shhh. . . . don't tell Daisy!

8:24 PM
Melissa said...

Hero has a face just begging to be photographed with a Fish Eye camera. Have you seen those? Oh, they are TOO much fun!! Seriously. Some of my mostest favoritest (non-baby) pictures are taken of dogs with my Fish Eye.
It's a 35mm film camera, and it's about $50 at Target. If you like taking playful, fun photos, this camera is really a great toy. :o)
And if you do get one, you'll have to post your Fish Eye'd photos of Hero. Because he is incredibly cute.

12:41 AM
Ruby Red Slippers said...

What kind of dog is that??? I was just wandering around blogs, and saw this-it looks like our cockapoo!!!
Very Cute!

9:56 PM