Very cool give-away in blogland! And naughty Hero update...

So I was so excited to read today that Deb at From Stilettos to Sneakers is having her first ever blog give-away! I only glanced at it briefly, but looks like the prize is a 6-month subscription to The Six O’Clock Scramble, which "is an online meal planning service that sends you five quick and easy, healthy, delicious, family-friendly recipes." If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, head over to her blog to check it out! I can't wait to do it!

On a Hero-related note, the little guy stole and destroyed my Calvin Klein silver-rimmed glasses this morning. Not my only pair of glasses, but by far my favorite and an old standby, since they're so simple and you can't go wrong with silver rims. Oh, yeah, and then he bit me multiple times as I tried to oh-so-calmly-and-gently pry my $200 pair of eyewear from his maniacal and evil teeth.

Ah, joy!

I have to write a post about our experience last night at Hubs' boss' Christmas gathering, because it was so wonderful. It's a great community we now belong to, and we're blessed to be a part of such a truly special group of people. But the stories are also VERY funny (those quirky monks and priests!), so I'll share them soon!



Anonymous said...

Oh Hero. :( Two steps forward, one step back, eh? I wish dogs could speak and let us know why they're being so naughty sometimes. Like why does Zoe have to bark at every.single.squirrel on our property, every day, all day? No idea.

11:12 AM
Anonymous said...

My cats are surprisingly destructive as well (especially they are declawed).

I look forward to hearing the stories.

11:50 AM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Oh boy. Sorry to hear about your glasses, as I know how irritating it can be when your dog eats your stuff. Bleh. Can't wait for the monk and priest stories! :)

7:08 PM
DeeMarie said...

Sorry to hear about your glasses and that he bit you in the process. But I'm definitely looking forward to hearing about your monks/priests story!!

7:15 PM
Cat said...

Bad doggie!

9:01 AM
Bina said...

Oh no. That naughty hero. WHY do dogs love to chew stuff they CAN'T have!!!!!

9:11 AM
Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Hero will be finding a lump of coal in his stocking on the 25th?

10:13 AM
Crys :D said...! you can sign up for an email newsletter that sends you 20-minute meals for the week (it's the 20-minute supper club - it's awesome!) and free! Wish is, incidentally, the cancelled magazine i've been mourning. they will still have an online presence, thank goodness!

2:16 PM
Cat said...

Yeah, it's COLD. Every year about this time, I'm asking myself why the hell I didn't move away somewhere warm before winter struck again. People should not live in below-zero climates. It's just not natural. we are! Summers here are amazing. I blame summer for my continued residency.

5:42 PM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Sorry about that Hero thing with the glasses. I've had so many problems with my old Siamese, I can totally relate to the animal destruction thing. Ugh! I'm also glad to hear that you made such a nice group of friends. I'm so curious to know what your hubby is doing with these monks!? THANKS! for posting about my giveaway!

7:15 PM