2008 can kiss my (broken) *ss

My final days spent enjoying what's left of 2008? Let's see... backed into my brother-in-law's car with our as-yet pristine Jetta (son of a...!), and fell at the dog park onto the ice with a downward force I can't even imagine exists in nature. My tailbone? Broken, I think.

2008, I'm SO done with you!!!

I have to sign off now, because my head is throbbing. I think my tailbone injury sent shock waves all the way up my spine and through my brain. I have a massive headache.



Raisin Girl said...

Yeah, sounds like 2009 couldn't come fast enough. Your end of 2008 sounds like my ending to 2007....by the time January hit, every morning I woke up thinking, "What is it going to be today?" But, I will tell you that my 2008 turned out to be pretty good, despite the rough start.

Hope your tailbone heals fast. That is miserable!

4:34 PM
Michelle said...

You may want to have that looked at.
I can't remember all the details but a few years back Cat's feed slid out from her when she was walking down my stairs. She has trouble for more than a year with it. Definitely worth having your coccyx looked at!

4:41 PM
momofonefornow said...

You poor thing. Your luck just seems to be rotten this year. ROTTEN!

5:00 PM
s.e. said...

May your 2009 bring you more luck and much less pain!

5:08 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...


6:58 PM
shopgirl said...

Awww poor girl - I hope you feel better and hope your tailbone isn't broke - YIKES!!

10:17 PM
HeatherPride said...

You need some ibuprofen and some sleep. And possibly an x-ray.

Feel better! Onward and upward in 2009!

10:17 PM
Swishy said...

Awwwww, that SUCKS! 2009 will be sooooo much better ... it HAS to be!

3:50 AM
Crys :D said...

owwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! a big slip always happens once per year for me. i am always on the search for grippy boots. you need somma these:


happy recovery and happy new year! :)

9:44 AM
Cat said...

Yeah, it was New Years Eve 2006, I slipped on Chelle's stairs in my hose and landed on my ass - totally jarred my upper back (felt like a jammed thumb) and I had pain for over a year. Still get it every once in a while. Go get that looked at! Wish I had.

Hope you have a great NYE and a much better 2009

10:01 AM
~Jess said...

How crappy! I hope it starts feeling better soon. I'm ready for 2009 too.

Feel better.

10:03 AM
PJ said...

I am done with 2008 too! Except for the spectacular ending, the rest of the year has been rough!!!

Raising my glass (of grape juice?) to a fantastic 2009!

5:44 PM
Fertilized said...

Oh good god..bring on 2009! Hope you are doing better

10:25 PM
Ally said...

Kiddo, you deserve a stellar start to 2009 since 2008 seems determined to go out with a bang that leaves you whimpering. Here's to better luck and brighter days ahead!

12:26 AM
Anonymous said...

Ouch . . .

Bring on the New Year!

9:14 AM
Anonymous said...

Well, tomorrow is a new year.

Hope the ass feels better soon.

2:33 PM