Frozen over. Not hell, but close. We call it... Minnesota.

Eleven below zero.



Kelli said...

Holy cow. And to think I was whining today when it was 59!!! You win. Bundle up.

6:58 PM
K and/or K said...

It is brrrrrrrlow numb here in St.Paul! That's right homegirl, I snagged me a local! :-)
My best friend lives in Champlin and I used to teach in Anoka. Nice to meet you in this little corner of cyberspace!

7:36 PM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Yeah the low here in SD is -16 and currently it's -14. I understand about the kind of cold that burns. Sucks Balls. Big time.

8:07 PM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

J flew into Colorado Springs this morning... 5 below. Clsoe, but not 11. I'm so sorry!

8:08 PM
Anonymous said...

Lol... it was -8 when I left for work this morning. :) j is in MN for work, the people from MN he's working with said it was supposed to be -50 tonight with the windchill where they are. Some record or something. I would hope it's a record for that! :)

9:30 PM
Scotty said...

In Chicago for a few days. This morning I walked about 6 blocks from hotel to office. It was 7 degrees out without the wind chill.

I really want flip flop weather.

10:41 PM
Melissa said...

We're going to northern Michigan for Christmas, and I am NOT prepared for the cold. I think I've got enough gear to keep the baby warm, but I'm really wishing I'd invested in a much warmer coat for myself. :-(
Maybe the bad weather will all taper off before the big travel days start this weekend and all your readers will get to their destinations safely. :o)

11:27 PM
DeeMarie said...

Brrr!! It's only in the 20s here and I thought that was cold too (a little colder with windchill but not much!!)
Stay warm!!!
P.S. I love that Hubs recognized my "Cookie"!!! :)

6:34 AM
Danifred said...

SHUT UP with that weather (said in a loving way with a punch in the arm :) I love cold, believe it or not, but even that is too much for me!

7:14 AM
Cat said...

Yes, and a couple of inches of snow expected today. Yippee!

7:49 AM
Bina said...

Holy Crap!!!!!

8:11 AM
Fertilized said...

ya know, i have absolutely no idea what that is like at all

8:32 AM
Anonymous said...


Keep warm

Sending thoughts of crackling fires and hot chocolate over your way.

12:16 PM
Laura said...

It's a heat wave up here today....only -8 right now. I've lived in MN all of my life, but somehow the first cold always gets me. I hope you're keeping warm!

1:15 PM
HeatherPride said...

My word. It makes me hurt just to think about it! No dog park today, I'm guessing?

1:19 PM
Raisin Girl said...

That is freakin' cold. Ohio sucks, but I've determined Minn. sucks least in the winter time!~

1:55 PM
In Due Time said...

Can you delete my other post? I used the wrong account LOL

As I was saying...

Would you totally kick my ass if I said it was almost 80 out here today?! We call THAT Florida! Heh!

FYI, They are re-airing Dear Zachary in Jan, I'll post on my blog when I find out.

4:39 PM
Michelle said...

If you absolutely refuse to leave your house again today and claim the roads are just to bad so you con your husband in to taking the girl children to dance......(need a breath)......then it is nice to just sit inside and watch the snow fall.
This state may be incredibly cold but it is also incredibly beautiful.
Plus we get the right to brag about how big our balls are because we can totally handle this weather while wearing shorts and flip flops. Have to work on that tan some how!

5:32 PM
Krystle said...

I live in Western Wisconsin and work in downtown St. Paul and yep... it is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold right now... although tonight there was a bit of a warm up, it's currently 3 degrees... however the past 2 days?

Frigid don't even come close!

8:15 PM
Crys :D said...

you should visit Ottawa!

10:32 AM