We giveth, we taketh away

We gave Hero a couch. He's never been allowed on our living room sofas, because they're white. So we brought down an old loveseat and moved some furniture around so it would sit directly under our giant picture window. Hero loves the loveseat. He sits on the back of it and looks outside, and lies on it with his ball. And he knows it's his. Well, yesterday bright and early our dog trainer came and told us it's not a good idea for him to have the loveseat, he hasn't earned it. The loveseat should go. Which, decoratively speaking, is a-okay with me because it's ugly. But it's awfully sad for Hero :(

It's a perfect snowy Sunday. Great day to be snuggled on the couch. And I'm wicked sick, which makes it a great time to be stuck indoors.



Fertilized said...

Feel Better so you can play in the snow for me ... I have never played in snow ..ya know being all climately challenged and all here in FL

2:41 PM
Danifred said...

Poor little Hero. Easy come, easy go!

5:05 PM
DeeMarie said...

Hope you feel better. As soon as Hero earns it, think how happy he'll be to have it back!!

5:06 PM
Anonymous said...

Lol, this makes me laugh because we do the same thing with our dogs. They're only allowed on the crappy crappy couch in the basement, but they CONSTANTLY are trying to get on the "good" couches upstairs in the living room - to the point that we have to barricade the living room off with tv trays when we go to bed. They don't get they they have their own couch, they think all the couches are theirs. Oh the joy in trying to reason with a mutt.

9:00 AM
Scotty said...

Poor Hero...
I'm sick too :(

10:58 AM
Cat said...

Rules, rules, rules. Poor puppy doesn't understand! But, she's probably right. Once he's stopped biting, maybe then she'll allow it.


2:48 PM
Bina said...

Oh man. Poor Hero. I feel bad for him, but I guess she knows what she is talking about, huh?

By the way, can you send her my way when your done? LOL

Oh my god. My word verification is "reaming" and I'm not kidding!

3:11 PM