Last night I burned the bottom of my slipper off because I had it propped up against the glass partition of the fireplace. Who knew it got that hot? I moved my foot and left behind... a rubber splotch. Hubs, lying on the couch, said calmly, "I kinda thought that might happen." Which is just what he said on Friday night after Hero stole my slice of pizza right off my plate and dropped it *twice* face down on the carpet before scarfing it up. Apparently this weekend Hubs had a short delay from the time he thought something to the time said words of wisdom came out of his mouth. Too bad, because his warnings were always dead on.

Today I went to lunch and then to see the movie Four Christmases with my friend B. It was cute. A nice holiday story.

I also finally feel slightly normal after two and three-quarters months: I'm back on my cycle. That only took, um, forever. But it really feels wonderful, like now I have something in my life I can depend on once again. Who knew something that once upon a time was such a pain in the ass could now be such a welcome occurance?



Cat said...

I'm so happy you're back on track - Mine is still all messed up, looking forward to that getting back to normal - something I never thought I'd miss!

Hero looks so...sweet and innocent. Which is probably the first red flag!

7:47 PM
Bob said... la la la...hmm dee humm..(fingers in my ears not uhm, liste..I mean NOT reading what I just read... (Darn it Laura...I'm a guy!!!) Ask Hubs if guys like to read about such...things! Now I have to go wash my eyes out.

11:07 PM
Anonymous said...

I'm glad your cycle makes you feel normal! That's a great constant to have, even if it's gone unnoticed for years, ya know? I had to laugh though, my cycle is the antithesis of "normal" and never ever ever makes me feel like I have something to depend on - such is life I guess. :)

9:22 AM
DeeMarie said...

You'd think after the first time, he'd start saying stuff right away!! Hi Hubs!! I know you check out her comments!

Glad you're feeling a bit more you. Here's hoping it keeps on keeping on.

9:40 AM
Who am I? said...

I did the exact same thing with the fireplace, except I was wearing my husband's fleece. Oopsie.

10:44 AM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

That's exactly why we don't use the fireplace--I have a terrible fear of setting myself or something else on fire. :)

And I totally understand when it comes to AF. There is a strange calm that comes with its return, as if things are finally starting to work themselves out. ((HUGS))

12:36 PM