7 Quirks

Deb tagged me to list 7 quirky things about me (thanks for the distraction, and for my first ever tag!). So, here goes:

  1. I LOVE heat. LOVE IT. I scald myself in the shower, and curl up with a heating pad all year round. I love to put it on my belly and often do so until my belly turns bright red. I have in the past given myself heat rash on several occasions.
  2. I love to stock the house with lots of different kinds of candy, cookies, or ice cream. Even if I don't eat it, I just like to have it on hand. It drives Hubs nuts, because I'll go out and buy Trader Joes chocolate Cat Cookies after just opening (and then never touching again) a giant Costco tub of animal crackers. I don't know why I do it - especially since I tend toward healthy eating - it just makes my sweet tooth feel safe to have lots of options if and when they're needed.
  3. Every night when I use mouthwash, I feel the urge to tell Hubs something. So I act it out during the one minute that I'm supposed to be swishing. He's gotten pretty good at guessing.
  4. I love writing on a chalk board. Especially with those fancy teacher chalk holders. When I was a kid, I once stole a fancy teacher chalk holder (sorry Mrs. Erikson!) to use at home on my own little chalk board when I played school. I also love yellow chalk. I stole that too, as a kid (sorry again, Mrs. Erikson, apparently 4th grade was a very klepto year).
  5. For some reason, I freak out if Hubs is on the stairs behind me. I cover my butt with both hands because I worry he is going to, I don't know what, pinch it? Smack it? He's never touched my butt (on the stairs), but I always cover it anyway. This is very noticeable now that we live in a house with two sets of stairs.
  6. I make a funny freaky smiley face whenever I've been getting my picture taken too much (and since Hubs is the family photographer, that tends to be often). Hubs doesn't appreciate it, because he thinks it ruins the photo :) It looks like this:
  7. I am obsessed with my skin - I always think it is awful. I think this comes from having breakouts into adulthood - it makes a person paranoid. I am always scheming about how to fix my skin, even when I can reasonably tell there is nothing wrong with it at the moment.

I am now going to tag:
Streaking Iron



HeatherPride said...

I love, love the freaky smiley face!! ha!!

And now I think I'm totally stopping off at Costco on the way home for a tub of animal crackers!! (damn the PMS!)

3:30 PM
Anonymous said...

LOL that is so funny about hubs behind you on the stairs . . . I do that too because my hub DOES pinch my butt when I am going up the stairs and it always makes me jump. Silly man.

4:10 PM
Fertilized said...

These things were awesome to read. I am with you with #1.. I can steam out a bathroom pretty good!

I think #5 and #6 are hilarious

6:43 PM
Grad3 said...

I do the same thing on the stairs and I HATE HATE my picture being taken...

8:31 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Good thing you got this up yesterday, I was going to tag you this morning ;)


7:56 AM
DeeMarie said...

I just gave you an award! Hop on by my blog to see it!! :)

1:12 PM
Kelli said...

I can so relate to the heat thing....I take scalding showers/baths, wear sweaters/hoodies whenever indoors (and outdoors when the temps are below 90). I had a heating pad once, but I would crank it up so high, it made me groggy. I love to soak in the hot tub when it's cooler out. I'm all about warm stuff.

3:19 PM
DeeMarie said...

You are so very welcome!!!!

Everything I wrote was true and I'm so glad it made you smile! :)

Email me at fmmandee@gmail.com and I'll send you the jpeg link to post it.

3:41 PM
Bob said...

That look on your face is a very normal sight here in Michigan. We see it every time we come across a deer in the middle of the road! ha ha ha....

9:20 PM
Swishy said...

Hmm ... I'll have to think of mine!

I am a total heat freak too ... I would MUCH rather be hot than cold.

1:06 AM
jenboglass said...

I stopped over via the dancing cookie (Deemarie). Wow. I'm so glad I did. It's so great over here. I love your layout!

Today I tried those chocolate cat cookies for the very first time. Then I pop over here and read about them. Too weird.

Also, my hubby chases me up the stairs. He's taught my son to do it too. It's terrifying!

Glad to meet you!

9:49 PM
Bina said...

These are great! And your #1, the heat thing? It's funny, cause my hubby won't take a shower with me cause he said the water's too cold, and I can't shower with him cause it's too hot. I don't like FREEZING cold but I sure do NOT like hot!!!!!

And your funny face? I LOVE it!

7:02 AM