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I have been tagged by DeeMarie at My Life in a Nutshell to write about a random photo: 4th file, 4th picture on my computer. The photo was taken in Montreal when Hubs and I chaperoned a weekend trip for the junior class of EC. We took 3 buses filled with some 100+ kids and hustled them across the border into Canada, where they could drink legally. I'm not sure there was any other purpose for that trip. (It was not a trip we were excited about chaperoning, nor one we necessarily approved of. It wasn't that we disapproved of college students going to Montreal for a wild weekend, it was more that we disapproved of a college sanctioning, actually sponsoring, the adventure. We were not excited about being in charge.)

The night this photo was taken, Hubs and I, along with our colleague CB, went into Old Town and found a romantic French restaurant for dinner. This photo was taken outside of that restaurant. I remember it was wicked late, and we were finally getting to eat dinner after spending hours dealing with a student who'd lost his passport. Turned out later that he hadn't really lost it, he'd just left it on the bus. But not knowing this, we occupied most of our evening filling out reports at the local Montreal police station. The student seemed either super clueless or stoned. Or both. He wasn't very worried about the fact that he may not be able to cross the border back home to the States with the rest of us once the trip drew to a close. More than anything, he was upset that he no longer had proper ID with which to buy alcohol.

Hubs and I were the first to leave EC several months ago, but CB followed shortly after us. He took a job in Liverpool, England. I hope he's doing well! He was a real character. The students loved him. He'd been the victim of a gay bashing long before I'd met him, and every time I thought of it I felt a knot in my stomach. CB is such a gentle soul, I can't imagine him triggering any kind of aggression. Especially in a city like Boston, which I always liked to believe was a very tolerant place to live.

Anyway... that's the story behind that picture.

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DeeMarie said...

Wow!! What a story! Thanks for completing the tag. Hopefully you won't have to go through Passport drama again! Have a great night!

4:33 PM
HeatherPride said...

That's really sad about CB - victim of a hate crime? Wow.

Glad everyone made it back to the US!

5:08 PM
steenky bee said...

Great story. I'm sorry to hear about the CB thing. Yikes!

7:06 PM
Chen,Shun-Chuan said...
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9:25 PM
Fertilized said...

you just gave me the Push I needed to post this picture I have been holding on to foir a very long time that I am pretty much ashamed of now - but it needs to be posted about because I just can't stop thinking about it.

Wow- why are people so cruel!

9:43 PM
Jonny's Mommy said...

I wanted to do this one but the fourth photo was a little odd and there was really no story to it. It would have been this sappy story about Jonathan learning to stand and blah, blah, blah....

You had a good story to go with this one! Great memories (though not about the guy being bashed. That is total crap!)

8:14 AM
Bina said...

I'm gonna vote for stoned, because I hate to think ANYONE is that clueless and going to another country! LOL

9:27 AM
seussgirl said...

I'm going to try to get to this today...so it's supposed to be the 4th file in the 4th folder? Maybe I'll use my Winkflash folders to find one. :)

3:25 PM