Trick or treat, I want to eat you!

On Saturday evening we have a behavioral specialist coming to the house to help us with Hero. Why, you ask? Because (whisper) we're afraid of our fuzzy white cute-as-a-button cockapoo. Yes, you heard right. No, I won't repeat it. It's horribly embarrassing but true. He's terrifying. He's all bitey and snarly and we're so freakin' nice to him that I can't understand why he's so heinously pissy!

Yesterday I took him to a wonderful new vet for his allergies and he's been prescribed antihistamines. I hope they work. Anyway, she suggested this animal behaviorist to us. I wasn't sure we needed that kind of intervention, until last night. When he almost ate me as I tried to extract a pair of scissors from his mouth. I didn't get hurt because I was fully tricked out in Hubs' giant leather mittens, my thickest winter coat, and a mouth guard. Okay, not really a mouth guard. But my heart was pounding. He gets so mean. And he can't have the scissors, for his own good! And for the good of our bank account, which he's quickly draining.

We're so ready for Saturday. Halloween's gonna be a bitch cause he *hates* the doorbell.



Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at your Hero stories because you always post the MOST adorable picture of him along side his snarling nastiness. :) This picture makes him look like he's not even a real dog, just a loveable stuffed animal. :)

Seriously hoping this behavioral specialist does the trick, it would be soooooo frustrating to have a multiple-personality dog.

Side note... have you ever taken him to a dog run or somewhere he's around a lot of other types of dogs? What does he do around them?

9:46 AM
Casey said...

I'm sorry Hero is being a jerk but I'm glad you've got a trainer coming in. Please don't tell me it's with barkbusters because we wasted a ton of money on them. We finally had to send our dog off to doggy boot camp for a week. Then the trainer brought here back, taught us how to follow through with his training and did three follow up sessions. Good luck!

9:52 AM
Grad3 said...

Sorry Hero is being such a pain in the butt! If it makes you feel better - we have feline issues.

Funny how's it's always the cute ones you have keep your eye on isn't it??? It's like they use their look of innocence to suck you in while the entire time they have been plotting against you.

10:10 AM
Cat said...

I had a mean Yorkie once. He was especially mean if you tried to take anything away from him. Good luck with Hero! And good luck on Halloween!

10:12 AM
DeeMarie said...

I'm so sorry this fun little guy that was supposed to lighten your life is like a cute, fluffy, little spawn of Satan. I've got my fingers crossed that your behaviorist works!!!!

10:39 AM
Scotty said...

Your story + that picture = oxymoron


12:05 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I have to smile at the thought of you all decked out in your protective gear. I hope the visitor whips (not literally, obviously!) little Hero into shape!


7:35 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Oh Hero! How could that little face exact so much terror? :P Thinking of you and hoping the behaviorist does the trick! :)

7:15 PM