Five minutes have past, please bring on the next emotion

So yesterday I was very rational about wanting to find a job and holding off on the one-way trip to babyville until things were a bit more settled. Today my cousin in Germany emailed me that she's pregnant and I feel the urge to jump off a bridge.

Will someone please stop the rollercoaster?! I want to get off. This ride actually sucks, and it ought to be removed from the park entirely.



SportsFan's Daughter said...

You know that the ride operators are smoking The Weed and can make the rides move a bit too fast sometimes... Nothing that a little funnel cake won't solve.

Seriously, though, hang in there.

12:14 PM
DeeMarie said...


12:42 PM
Cat said...

Isn't it strange how good news for someone you love can feel like a kick in the gut for you. The ride, it definitely sucks.

2:25 PM
Casey said...

That really sucks. I remember feeling the same way when we tried to get pregnant forever with no luck and my fertile myrtle friend popped out three kids. I know it's not exactly the same but I get what you're feeling.

3:09 PM
s.e. said...

You definitely are not alone in feeling this way. I contradict myself almost daily. You are completely entitled to change your mind and back again. Announcements just royally suck.

Take your time and try to figure out what your gut says after a while. (Hopefully, you are better at hearing your gut than I am.) The good thing is there is no right or wrong!

5:48 PM
steenky bee said...

I've had that feeling too. We tried and tried and ended up adopting in 2004. My sister-in-law got pregnant like nothing in 2003. I was extremely jealous and struggled with it. In 2007, we were lucky to adopt again. My sister-in-law broke down and cried because she was jealous and wanted another one. Sometimes the shoe gets thrown around and ends up on the other foot. Bottom line. You are totally justified in having these feelings. They'll eventually fade, but it's normal and understandable. You need time to run the table of feelings for a while. Keep going. Just keep going.

8:37 PM
mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Don't worry about the roller coaster. it is totally justified and happens... me too. I get it. you're not alone.

9:36 PM
~Jennifer~ said...

I'm pretty certain that having emotional overload, or emotional breakdowns is 1. completely normal and 2. is definitely part and parcel of being a woman.

Hang in there!

6:26 AM
Anonymous said...

That rollercoaster has to go . . . and they need to throw the baggage out while they're at it - we don't need any of that crap either.

Emotions wear me out big time.

hang in there


8:30 AM
HeatherPride said...

Sometimes it's really hard to be a good sport and be happy for someone else. And sometimes you just have to fake it. Don't feel bad if you have to fake it for a while. Hang in there, girl.

4:02 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I sent you some bloggy love today...


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