An apolitical political rant

My MIL and stepfather have gotten into some kind of weird political argument. Via email.

Really? You two better not bring that crap to my Thanksgiving dinner table!

I get differing opinion, I get people being upset about the state of the nation (and, more to the point in our household, the economy!). But neither voter is stupid. Let's just start and finish there. I know a lot of smart democrats, and (yes, everyone, just deal with it, there's an and) a lot of smart republicans. Vote how you want to vote, but if you insist on discussing it, open your mind and ears as you can learn something from either political party. Neither one has all the answers. Nor is either one all bad. Don't be blindly liberal or blindly conservative. Talking about it with respect is the only way to go. Both sides are trying to do what they think is best for the country. Don't villaify. That's just a waste of your good brain power and everyone else's precious time. THINK ABOUT IT. It can't be that black and white. Nothing is.

Sorry, I just had to say that. As a democrat who appreciates hearing a republican point of view, just for the challenge to really test and question my own political thoughts. If they're that strong, then they can accept and withstand a little scrutiny. And that scrutiny can only come from considering the other side of the story.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I am a 'republican' myself (known as Conservative in Canada) yet most my friends are Democrats (Liberals in Canada). IT always gets interesting and I found my own political stance changing after I started a family. Odd.

11:36 AM
momofonefornow said...

I think maybe we should start a new political party. The caveat to being a member is that you can't behave like a jerk to people that believe differently than you. What shall we call it? The Noassians? The Nojerkacrats?

11:48 AM
seussgirl said...

I agree that neither side has all the answers; I wish there were more (legitimate) choices!

1:56 PM
Bina said...

See, I hate talking politics because I'm afraid the other person will take offense, argue, and say something I know nothing about.

Like the Bush Doctrine, which is not a movie in New York City. ;-)

2:35 PM
Casey said...

My brother and I butt heads on politics and it's so frustrating because he won't even listen to a thing I have to say. He turns into a tantrumy toddler and does everything but throw himself on the ground. I hope your Thanksgiving is drama free, mine won't be.

7:28 PM
Bob said...

First and last comment on politics from me, George Bush has screwed things up royally but he's not running against Obama, even though Obama seems to think he is. Saying we'd get the same thing from McCain is like saying Obama is just wanting the White House so he can get blow jobs like Clinton doesn't wash and it's just not true. I just don't think a junior senator with only 178 days in session, before he starts running for president is competent, just charismatic. Charisma is the LAST reason to vote for someone. Hitler had charisma, Jim Jones had charisma, David Koresh had charisma, they all had their devoted followers. There, I'm done, just a 57 year olds opinion.

12:24 AM
~Jennifer~ said...

What irritates me are people that vote a certain way and have no idea why. Or resort to name calling because they haven't got a clue what else to do

They don't have a moral/social basis for this belief nor can they tell you why they believe what they believe.

Personally I'm closer to a libertarian than either a republican or democrat. I don't believe in taxing the rich to support the poor; or for piss poor government spending operations. I believe the private sector is better equipped to handle.

Neither one of our political parties represent how I truly believe so I choose the one/or the individual that is closest to my belief system.

7:54 AM
shopgirl said...

AMEN sister - I say leave their opinions at the door on Turkey day!!

9:26 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

What a crazy position they are putting you in - I hope they behave! (at least at Thanksgiving it will be over with, regardless of who is happy and who isn't)

I have always considered myself an independent. I agree (and disagree) with the positions of both parties depending on the issue.

I find this particular race endlessly depressing, because I don't think it's been much at all about the issues. I've started just looking at the candidates themselves and trying to evaluate their personalities, etc. And I keep coming back to Abraham Lincoln's quote "when you have questions about the character of a man, look to his friends" (and I may have butchered that a bit)

I've chosen my candidate based on the other's shady associations - isn't that sad?

Ok, sorry for the mini rant! {blushing}

5:04 AM
Cat said...


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